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    Metallica at the Metro in Chicago tonight!

    SO ANYWAYS..... Anyone on the board happen to go?
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    Got the Synergy Diezel Herbert module...

    IIC+ !?!?! sweet! fingers crossed for an Orange module :)
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    Got the Synergy Diezel Herbert module...

    when did this even get announced? and i thought the next synergy release was going to be of 3+ modules? are more still "coming soon"? avi, vlad, etc need to get on the social media more now that they are back up and running....
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    BLIND TEST: Peavey 6505 vs Axe Fx III vs Helix (update: reveal posted!)

    my usual complaint with Jon's tests are still at play. the IRs in use are such a dominant force in whats coming out of my speakers that i have a tough time deciphering an Orange from a Marshall in his shoot outs.... no hate, would just be nice to every once in a while for him to mix in some "in...
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    Who got in Metallica’s ear on the justice tour?

    wow i cant believe ive either never noticed this before, or never listened to the justice tour live before.... more mids than the black tour as well its a DISTINCT difference
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    What Orange amp do you have?

    i want a orange synergy module
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    Buxom Boost users - Are you experiencing this?

    ZERO issues with mine. also of note, its my fav boost ive ever owned,
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    Twin Sister backordered everywhere

    watch sweetwater..... they seem to get some love from their deal from BAD (and Dave)
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    Details of Randy Rhoads death.

    what a bunch of horse shit. there was never any report of a struggle on the aircraft, and its been repeatedly stated on the record that the plane had already buzzed fhe bus once... perhaps the ol' redneck narrating heard it from the same guy that saw ferris bueller at 31 flavors yesterday...
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    Who here has Synergy amp & modules?

    Fair opinion. I dont like digital interfaces at all. I like knobs and pedals. To each their own.
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    Who here has Synergy amp & modules?

    Its not expensive considering the prices of the amps being mapped to modules..... Obviously its gonna be proprietary. Its hardware based. The customer service thing i have no experience with, and hopefully wont. This is the first mention of bad CS w them that i have seen- did u have a bad...
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    Who here has Synergy amp & modules?

    MF has the whole line 15% off, so i got new SYN1 and 2 modules for like $1100 after tax and if i dont like ill return. If i do like it, ill have about $160 worth of MF points towards other stuff from this big of a purchase. FYI- there is a guy selling a SYN1 on TGP’s emporium for 370-ish if i...
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    Who here has Synergy amp & modules?

    Ordered a SYN-1 to integrate with my Runt. Dipping toe in water :)
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    Friedman Modifications Experience

    im gonna see if we can turn my runt into a mini ‘slax..... plexi clean and heavy as we can for the dirt, possibly making the boost on the face switchable so it could be 3 channel. .... or maybe ill just settle for a mini smallbox..... ..... or maybe ill get impatient and end up getting...
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    Twin Sister / DS40 owners - i have questions

    oh hey man! fancy running into you again! haha. awesome vid - so glad you made and shared that with me (gonna subscribe too!) smart on the rectifier - this did sound nice and tight too!