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    Your Biggest Surprise At A Concert? Here's Mine!

    I went to see the Black Label Society, they sounded like shit and it was my first concert ever so i thought: Every rock concert sounds like this mess. Korn was the next band and I didn't care about them and wished it have been brief but when they started. Man, the sound was awesome! Then...
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    Best high end strat for the money?

    I have played some Custom Shops, Master Builts, but the Eric Johnson ones are hard to beat in every aspect.
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    ICNGD - 2016 LP 50's Traditional Plus

    A friend of mine use tô have one and it sounded as the same my R9. Great guitar.
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    Marshall Effects Loops

    My AFD SE had a very good loop.
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    Monomyth modded origin50

    Dave Friedman sayd once the Marshall aesthetics is the way to go, because it is an icon. I agree with him, and it is a safe ground. Unless you have amazing designs as the Diezel’s ones.
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    Monomyth modded origin50

    Shea, your amps will gonna be one or two channels? The Origin is a bone crusher!!!
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    Mesa 4x12 OS: other Celestions?

    I Use the Celestions C90 on my Mesa OS. I can’t stand with the Mesa V30.
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    Worst amp you have ever played

    Mesa/Boogie Road King 2. Its sounded plain and sterile. The clean was amazing and thats it.
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    Gradually Improving my Soldering Skills

    I I had this one, but I found it too light and easy to fall when holding something.
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    Return of the king ! ( Malmsteen)

    Just a matter of curiosity, how much a guy like Malmsteen make in profit these days per year?
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    NGD - Tyler Classic Japan

    Alien Guano with 3 singles is my dream strato guitar ever.
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    Old Mesa Marks on Reverb - Creeping Up!

    Everything is going crazy now days, gear, cars... It is not a Mesa Mark privilege...
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    NAD, Sort Of...JMP50 Modded Jose/Cameron

    Man, this thing slays!!! Credits to @scottosan he knows tone!
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    Mike Bendinelli at MESA/Boogie No Longer Doing Mods **UPDATE**

    Is there another person in the world who can perform the C+, C++ mods on the Mesa Mark 2C or it is rocket science?
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    Is your amp tech hot?

    She made me cringe when cut the power cord. Could she just desolder it?