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    What 5 Production Amps would you buy if you won the lottery?

    Nada. Got every amp I could ever dream of wanting - and have been through all the others. Zero GAS. None.
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    NAD VHT Deliverance 120

    Many players could save many amps and many thousands of dollars if they'd just try a D60 or D120 right off the bat. VERY underrated amps. And VERY killer. Congratz!
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    Yo Monkey man, can we flag necros so dumbasses like me...

    One thing necro-bumps offer me is the fact my opinion on matters hasn't changed much if at all over the course of the last 13 years. Kinda funny to read a NB and get into it - oblivious of the date it got re-upped - only to formulate an answer to the thread aaaaaaaaaaand... ...then see I'd...
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    New XTC & Preamp tubes

    I actually kinda puckered when I saw all the tube prices going ape-shit. Then I went into my storage shelves... Ya, I've not looked at tubes online since then. I'm good for, oh, probably 50 years of playing without worrying about glass.
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    New XTC & Preamp tubes

    That'd be me m'man 🤩
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    Favorite stoner metal riffs?

    Been enjoying Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats and this kinda seriously hard-hitting 60s 70s acid raunch vibe lately. Just great to hear hard slop stoner goodness blasting the airwaves nowadays, least for me.
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    So, what do you guys do for a living?

    Been awesome!! Thanks for the shoutout and hope all my OGs here are keepin' it real, playing hard, living well, and learning new lessons every day - whether that be musical, life or existential - pick yer passion! Peace & Powerchords:cool:✊🤘 UnkleMo
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    So, what do you guys do for a living?

    M'MAN!!!! 🤩
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    Help with red plating VH4

    Did you flick the chassis switch to 6L6?? And 65mA is for PAIRS of tubes, not singular.
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    What was you’re first guitar?

    El Degas "Explorer" through a Traynor TS-15 Humble beginnings - but here I am today.
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    So, what do you guys do for a living?

    Super early retirement from my professional foray Now? Working with clinical integration of entheogens in new therapies for a host of shitty ailments people can lose if they're so inclined to do so. Cutting edge medicine. Slowly SLOWLY getting recognized and approved piece by piece by the...
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    What's a great Riff Raff type pickup for double cut guitars into a VH4?

    I found the VH4 didn't dig a lot of other high-output pups... But the RYs are different - in all aspects - they work AMAZINGLY well with my VH4 - in addition to my Hagen, D-Moll, Shiva and XTC. My main amps. Like I said - I've outfitted 3 of my top Lesters with RYs - why?? They really show...
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    The new Gibson guitar...

    Just tapping into a prospective rehash of a fashionable re-trend - the "Incense and Peppermint" 60s vibe. It's taking hold in a lot of other markets - so I see how Gibby would wanna do this as well. Everything cycles every 30-40 years, so... maybe this is a 30x2 years attempt at rekindling...
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    So, what do you guys do for a living?

    Fun Thread!!!!
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    What's a great Riff Raff type pickup for double cut guitars into a VH4?

    3 Les Pauls now. Started with my No.2 player. Then I installed a set in my No.3 Then I went head and tried another set in my No.1 I love them. SUPER sensitive to pup/pole-piece height adjustment, extremely versatile with pot controls, and they just sound perfect through all my amps and for...