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    Einstein and VH4 in a Classic Rock/ Hardrock-Song

    Here´s another example of how fat and easy you can get sounds from Diezel! Listen to our new Album "Lucky Bastard" , for example ... 5813-wacko :D
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    VH4 in a Modern Hardcore/Punk Mix

    Listen and repeat.... :D ... cebook_app "With regards to the author" and "From time to time"... With regards to the VH4-Builder :rock:
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    Serial FX Loop G-Sharp Problems

    Hi... I tried to set my G-Sharp in the overall-Serial Loop. The result was: the Amp is nearly off sounding, even with Master on 15-16 o'clock. Channel Volumes on 11-12. When I tried the FX in the Channel inserts, there weren't any problems, without any FX no problems, too! Does this may...
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    New Diezel

    Goodbye Einstein.... :aww: I loved you! Please welcome VH4 :rock: It´s not that I didn´t like the Eini, but I headed for more since I played the VH4 at first! And now I had the chance... my Einstein has been sold to another guy. I met him and we talked a while. He was stunned about the...
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    Rough Track VH4/Einstein/Jmp 50

    Hi.. We've been recording a new Album from my Band Raticide... You can hear two guitars, one Einstein/Jmp and the other one VH4 Ch2/Jmp. The Marshall is just a bit on top for a little "vintage" feel, but you hear 90% Diezel! ... %20run.mp3...
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    Changing from Einstein to maybe VH4

    Hi.. I would like to change from my Eini to a VH4 due to more flexibility (Midi, 4 Channels with EQs). I used a VH4 during recording our new LP. I instantly fell in love and today I have been at a shop trying a VH4 and comparing it to different Amps with more "mid" Voice. It seems as I´m not...
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    Einstein and G12M-65 Creamback

    Last weekend I put some CBs in my 2x12 Diezel RL. The Einstein seems to lack some "mids" the Hagen and VH4 have, can´t tell which ones...but the G12M-65 seems to "fill up" these frequencies a lot without sounding so compressed and stiff like the V30, especially if you are playing more crunch and...
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    Vh4 Channel Voicings - Differences and Einstein-Comparison

    Hi... can somebody tell me the main difference of the Ch 2 and Ch 3 of the VH4? Which one is more a "Hotrod-Marshally-Bigballs-Sound"? I would like to get more of a Marshall Type of Sound, not that thin and "scrachy" Highmid-get-my-Teeth-out Sound, but more like a Hot Rod JCM800 with more...
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    In Love with a 2x12

    Yeah Baby yeah Baby yeah!!! This ist my 2x12 Diezel Stack! Played a concert last weekend directly after the cabinet reaches me and I was stunned! :rock: I kept all sounds tight and powerfull and it is definitly more "whide" sounding than a 4x12 cabinet, means I can hear myself better in nearly...
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    Day of the Diezel!!!

    ...and finally togheter! :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:
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    Elmwood 4x12 for sale (and-YES! I´m sad!)

    Hi, I´m forced to sale my beloved Elmwood 4x12 straight Cab. I really love my cab. It is tight and very defined at all. I think at least the best V30 Cab I have ever played. It is in mint condition and has only one little Tolex -Dong at the Front. It has played 2 Shows since I bought it this...
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    Einstein with G-Major - Lack of tone?

    Hello to you all... Any meanings about the tone of an Einstein getting worse with a G-Major in the Loop? I heard about that, but I can't imagine...
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    Diezelcabs with Celestion Century Vintage Neodym?

    Hello everybody, I' wondering, if these speakers might fit in my cab: ... l.asp?ID=2 I' m not shure about them. Never heard them, did anyone here played them with an Einstein? What's about G12 H Heritage? I' looking for some speakers for my 212...
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    Angry Einstein----now glows in the dark!

    My Einstein looks evil, sometimes...tonight I won´t switch of the light when I go to bed, cause this Killer will sleep next door... :rock:
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    Compare the Front-and Rearloaded Diezel 412 V30

    Hi.. I would like to collect some opinions to the Diezel Fl anbd RL 4x12 Cabs with V30. I´m playing my Einstein through a FL and to me it became more and more to "hard", I would rather say "aggresive" for my style of music. It´s too fizzy, at the beginning I blamed it on the new V30, but now...