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    NAD Haul: Mesa IIC+, Triple Recto, Metal Grill Stack

    Great haul... sold my IIC+ (3 of them) many years ago - and i still have the same 4x12 as yours on the left .. great cabs. Sounds like an awesome Sunday
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    PM sent
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    Marshall Guv'nor pedal

    Huge fan of my original one
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    VHT Pittbull CL clips!

    Sounds chunky!
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    What is the best Les Paul you have ever played?

    Best I've ever played was a 70's standard with P-90s or mini hums, whatever they came with, That guitar just had "it". Best I've owned, believe it or not, was a late 80's or early 90's studio. I regret selling that one. My 77 standard weighs a ton and has been through hell, but it's a good...
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    WTB : Fractal FM3

    makes sense
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    WTB : Fractal FM3

    Schedule? I got one used for steal because of the missing jack. All I did was get a $10 cable, and I can use phones with it
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    WTB : Fractal FM3

    Some of the early ones came without the headphone jack (ask me how I know! :LOL:). Just be aware of that if not buying in person.
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    '82 JCM800 2204 Jose Sound and Look

    That is a great tone! Cool playing too
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    Anyone here still rocking their Baron amps?

    Yeah - those Snott Watts were killer little amps. Miss mine as well. Great clips!
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    So I finally pulled the trigger on a Kemper... (Clips)

    Brett - did you profile your own Cameron, or go with commercially available profiles?
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    Exciting and nerve racking... my 2nd guitar lesson ever!!!

    I'd definitely ask about his rhythm picking.. his right hand is unreal.