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    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    I’m confused.
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    My Band Put Out Our First Full Length Last Week

    Sounds killer. Very pro sounding production. Give some details on the amps used.
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    Finally got my Chubtone!

    Wow, that neck gives me a chubby.
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    I saw this on craigslist last night. Tempting, and I’m probably 10 minutes away from you.
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    How To Sell On Gearpage Classified?

    Cheapest options are $5/month or $15/year.
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    Cool chicks at the Whiskey!!

    That video is from a few years ago. The singer (who was also in the band Huntress) committed suicide in 2018.
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    Kemper users - Test my CCV profiles

    I recently made a shit ton of Kemper profiles of my Cameron CCV. If anyone is interested in testing out a few, hit me up. Mostly higher gain from channel 2 but there are a couple lower gain channel 1 profiles included as well. All I ask is that you provide me with some honest feedback...I...
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    My wife was so pissed when I told her the story she called his number and left a message berating him and also sent him a message through eBay.
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    Is this his Facebook account?
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    Van Halen Panama tone

    I thought there would be a clip. Let’s hear it!
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    Has anyone tried to call his number listed here -
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    I’m not signed in to LinkedIn but I see his name, picture, job title, employer, and Kentucky location.
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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    What a shitball. Is this him? Edit: <link removed> apparently not the right guy.
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    Who here uses Ableton? OxBox with it?

    What interface are you using? Check your signal there first. I don’t use Ableton but use the Ox Box with PT and Logic and never experienced low signal.