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    Bogner 3534 amp owners - Share your settings

    Here is my favorite setting for metal on the red channel. Using a guitar with a mid to high output pickup, set amp switches to deep and bright 2, gain at 2 o’clock, boost on. Start with the eq for presence, treble and mids at 3 o’clock and bass at noon and then adjust for taste. This amp is...
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    George Lynch WTF?

    Looked to me like he was just having fun at an impromptu jam. No vocals, so he’s just jazzin it up a little bit. It’s a different take on the song and I’m good with that.
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    Crate Stealth 50 Combo

    I used to run a Stealth 50 watt full stack back in the day. Really loved playin that thing. It incited more than a few hellacious pits!
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    It will be even more so with helix 3.1 just dropping. FWIW, it’s a nice update and definitely improves the sound in a noticeable way.
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    OPINION: Newer Charvels are not very good. Neither are SD JBs

    Don’t know if Charvel is having recent QC issues or not, but my 2017 so-cal is a pretty decent axe. The neck is slimmer than my American series strat, but thicker than my schecter sls. Not difficult to play at all. I’d call it a solid workhorse guitar, nothing more or less. Mine does have a...
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    NAD: Friedman Smallbox - Pretty impressive!

    Absolutely!!! I only have the little jj jr, but it loves the boost. Doesn’t matter if it is the be or jbe channel, it just smokes.
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    Zak Wilde / Sebastian Bach / Led Zeppelin / 1987

    If only the mic on the camera could have handled the sound levels! They were killin it!
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    NAD: Friedman Smallbox - Pretty impressive!

    The Friedman BE channel is freakin awesome. I would love to get a chance to check out the BE50 Dlx.
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    I appreciate your asking, but I just don’t feel comfortable shipping an amp this nice. Maybe if it was a Peavey I‘d feel different.:LOL:
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    Return of the king ! ( Malmsteen)

    The track is obviously a think piece. A kinder, gentler “I am a Viking” mantra updated into the modern age of being a soldier. Surprised I had to wait until the 4 minute mark for the solo.
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    I really like what I hear from the Fractal units. The thing that has always kept me from jumping on one is that it seems most people recommend using the computer to build/edit patches. That just completely kills the creative process for me. In that aspect, the QC looks killer from what I’ve seen...
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    It‘s a lot of dough to only be at 75%. This might be a ‘wait and see’ pickup on the used market if it gets sorted out.
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    It‘s the curse of the dreaded local sale!!!
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    Mesa Mark clips: now with GEQ bypassed

    I don’t think your skills at dialing in a mark have anything to do with it at all. There’s a big difference in tones available when using the GEQ vs not using it. I might turn off the GEQ when messing about with the cleans or slight breakup tones , but it’s always on when the gain is cranked.
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    ^^^ Spend your Uncle Joey money here!:cool: