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    High gain pre amp recommendations

    i have a bunch of preamps, just get a jmp-1.
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    Amps You Have Purchased More Than Once

    5150 x3 still have a nice 5152 Hot rod 50 x 2 still have both great amps Rectifier x3. I just don't get along with rectos for some reason. I like them as long as it is not me playing it
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    noise suppression/gating

    Rocktron super c is what I use. Tried a lot of different pedals and went right back to the hush.
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    Elon Musk

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    IT'S Friday... what are ya'll spinning?

    anthrax/persistance of time to me this is probably the high mark for them.
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    IT'S Friday... what are ya'll spinning?

    Exodus/atrocity exhibition
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    You can choose one boost pedal only

    Been through so many boost pedals. Cannot be bothered anymore. Boss eq in the front or boss sd1 always works great.
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    Looking for a new Noise Gate to replace ISP Decimator II pedal

    I use an old rocktron super c, it has always worked great for me. I think they are still making the super c now.
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    Sellers want their cake & eat it too now..

    Prices are crazy. I want another jcm800, but I'm not paying 3000 for it.
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    TRADED - 1987 Marshall JCM 800 (2204) 50w Head with Original Drake Transformers

    Nice amp. If you decide to ship I would be interested.
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    That amp is still not for sale. Sorry
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    Hanneman's personal guitars for sale.

    here is my hanneman, best guitar I own.
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    New Exodus cd is great!!

    i like the new album and the guitar sound. there are great riffs all over it.