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    Jessup Amps?

    I’ve read that the sound was good but the guts were ugly. No firsthand knowledge though and that could be BS. If I found a sweet deal on one I’d give it a shot, but the new prices bump up against known-good stuff.
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    flying V advice needed....

    If you go for it, consider a Dunable Asteroid. Fairly traditional (other than the headstock) but has some contours and cuts that make it feel really ergonomic.
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    New high gain options ?

    Metropoulos DVL-1
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    New high gain options ?

    A few names that haven’t been mentioned… KSR is doing boutique for the Mesa/6505 crowd. Dean Costello’s Heavy Metal Warfare has some buzz, but uses a shared EQ. Barton High Voltage is still pretty small, but the transmission ticks your boxes. Science decolonizer is also a potential fit, but the...