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    Fractal FM3 Thread , tips to rock ! ? @

    Download Leons IRs free and great sounding.
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    WTB : Fractal FM3

    I went FM3 awhile ago. I'm loving it!
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    ESP GT 600 Glenn Tipton

    ESP Glenn Tipton GT 600 ESP hard case. EX $999 shipped/paypal
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    Charvel Tuners

    Seen this asked but couldn't find a definitive answer. Have a Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas MIM strat want to change tuners from black to chrome. They have the 2 hole guide pins. Any drop in replacements?
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    FS/FT. Marshall SV20 Plexi Head

    Marshall SV20 Mint shape factory packaging 1K
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    Caparison Horus M3 MF

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    Caparison Horus M3 MF

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    Caparison Horus M3 MF

    Caparison Horus M3 MF 2019 Trans black 2K Mint Condition Case/Certificate Caparison
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    Could be the coolest guitar ever posted for sale here.
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    Floyd Rose 1000 Series Floyd Are GARBAGE

    What Original Floyd Rose drops right into a MIM Charvel San Dimas? Need to replace/upgrade mine its worn out.
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    Pedal Repairs

    Any recommendations on where to send pedals to get repaired. Maxon OD 9 and a Marshall Govnur.
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    Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Strat

    2020 Fender Yngwie Malmsteen strat Like new $1450 Trade possible LP SG V