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    Any amp modders in Denver?

    Hey guys, I currently have a Bogner Twin Jet that I'm trying to sell, but if I can't get it sold, I may just get it modded. The first channels gain is a little too fuzzy for me, and looking to make it a bit tighter like a JCM 800 with an overdrive pedal in front. (It was described to me like...
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    Modern Marshall JCM 800?

    Hey everyone, I’ve been looking around for a bit more modern JCM 800, but not overly high gain like a 5150. I want something that still retains the character, but has a bit more gain a tightness. Any suggestions?
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    Twin Jet. What am I missing?

    Hey all, Just bought a TJ recently. I was super excited because I had a Rev Blue Uberschall years back and always regretted selling it. I saw the TJ and thought having Ch 1 be "Marshall-esque" would just be the cherry on top. It has brand new JJ tubes in it. I have been playing with it for...