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  1. LP Freak

    So EVH used a 1x12 on VH 1?

  2. LP Freak

    Pete Thorns 12ax7 shootout

  3. LP Freak

    NGD ‘79 LPC

    Grabbed this one from Splawner. Killer guitar and a perfect replacement for the ‘79 I regretted selling a few years ago.
  4. LP Freak

    Busting Pickup Myths

  5. LP Freak

    Monomyth Marshall 2204 Clone Clip

    Here’s another clip I did with the IRig Pre and a SM57. Sill working on mic placement
  6. LP Freak

    WTB Suhr Aldrich

    Looking for a 53mm bridge in zebra. Double cream would be awesome too. Might consider a set
  7. LP Freak

    2018 Friedman Cali

    Excellent condition. Plays and sounds incredible $OLD shipped. Add 3% for PP
  8. LP Freak

    The early years of Twisted Sister

    Great energy here. This was before they were signed. They definitely had some punk influences
  9. LP Freak

    Monomyth 2204 *Clip added*

    Selling my Monomyth 2204 since I have two. This one‘s a killer example of how awesome Sheas work is. He modded this one with his Blood mod for some bad ass metal tones but it‘s still capable of some classic gain when it’s rolled back. Built with all quality parts. Heyboer, Classictone, F&T, ect...
  10. LP Freak

    Friedman Twin Sister clip

    Recently picked this up. Killer sounding and very dynamic
  11. LP Freak

    J Rockett Archer Icon

    Excellent condition $135 shipped
  12. LP Freak

    Monomyth Blood mod clip

    Just grabbed an iRig Pre so it’s still a work in progress. Les Paul into a Marshall 4x12 and micing a GB. A little reverb through the loop. No post production, so here it is.
  13. LP Freak

    Testing, testing

    Just seeing if the photo button works
  14. LP Freak

    Will changing your tubes change the sound of your amp?

    Let’s see ;) VaO7MmghoqA
  15. LP Freak

    Question about PayPal

    I sold an item today privately and the buyer used PP. I immediately got this message from them. Can anyone tell me what this is about? Because you receive payment for goods or services through PayPal, you must verify your U.S. taxpayer status to avoid limitations to your account. They’re...
  16. LP Freak

    FS Wampler Tumnus Deluxe, Cusack Screamer V2

    Both in excellent + condition. Cusack has Velcro on the bottom which can be removed if necessary. Wampler $135 shipped Cusack $110 shipped
  17. LP Freak

    Montrose in ‘74

    I love it, four guys get into a room and kick out some rock ‘n’ roll. It’s amazing how Sammy has hardly aged NAuEyhpQ-y8
  18. LP Freak

    PSA Cameron Aldrich on Reverb $1850

    Not mine :scared: ... 980s-black
  19. LP Freak

    Friedman BE-50 Deluxe *SOLD*

    Excellent condition
  20. LP Freak

    Show Your Partscasters

    Here’s a couple of mine