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  1. LP Freak

    New AC/DC

    Good stuff with a very familiar sound. It’s awesome that these guys are still putting out music
  2. LP Freak

    Camerons on Reverb??

  3. LP Freak

    Beware- SCAM Alert!

    Well you’re lucky that people did business with you if that was the case. But along with the minimum post count there’s also supposed to be a minimum time that you’ve been here. Guys would much rather do business with someone they’re familiar with and has a history here.
  4. LP Freak

    Beware- SCAM Alert!

    Why don’t you put in a request to the admin?
  5. LP Freak

    Camerons on Reverb??

    Don’t worry Josh, it’s sold lol
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    Wrong forum
  7. LP Freak

    So EVH used a 1x12 on VH 1?

  8. LP Freak

    Alnico vs ceramic. Need new pickups
  9. LP Freak

    FSFT: Friedman Marsha 50W BE/HBE

    I love the color
  10. LP Freak

    12AX7 labeled "Jackson"

    Post a picture. Probably just rebranded Chinese
  11. LP Freak

    Camerons on Reverb??

    It never left
  12. LP Freak

    Strat build
  13. LP Freak

    Strat build

    You just need to learn to work the tone control
  14. LP Freak

    Strat build

    Look for a used Warmoth. They can usually be had for pretty cheap
  15. LP Freak

    NGD ‘79 LPC

    The frets are low but the action is also extremely low and plays/ intonates perfectly with zero buzz. It plays way better than my R0. Next fret job will be a refret though. Nibs don’t make it play better 😂
  16. LP Freak

    Camerons on Reverb??

    What’s your amp and what’s the mod? It makes a difference. Most of the time one-offs don’t sell well, including Marks
  17. LP Freak

    Shimming a neck - DIY suggestions??

    YOUTUBE is your friend. There’s a tone of ways to do it
  18. LP Freak

    Camerons on Reverb??

    $4K? Good luck
  19. LP Freak

    NGD ‘79 LPC

    Gotta love the stability the maple brings 👍🏻