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    Masotti x100m 1650 shipped*sold

    3 channel pre cursor to the mezzabarbra trinity amazing amp amazing deal ….
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    Koca multiscale 7 string. * sold

    Looking for a diezel vh4 willing to trade my minty koca war bringer . Insane build quality and a beautiful instrument . Will sell outright for 2100 shipped this guitar was almost 4K new . Blows my old mayones out of the water .
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    Einstein vs vh4

    So in my impatience on the hunt for a used vh4 I picked up a 100 watt Einstein . Had the 50 years ago and liked it , got it today and really digging the tones . I still find myself with vh4 gas . Anyone own both and can comment on both amps ? Fwiw I play mostly drop d some c standard punk hard...
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    Diezel contact

    Anyone have any trouble contacting diezel direct ? I emailed them asking about a possible transformer re wire / ordering direct haven’t heard anything back for a while .
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    Wtb vh4

    Looking for a vh4 have no preference of date etc if you have one shoot me a pm with an offer !
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    New old cab day . Had a super old soldano front loaded cab that was pretty war torn . Spruced her up a bit sounds killer !
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    Delete * traded

    Looking for a diezel . Hagen , Herbert , vh4 , dmoll. Mint condition masotti x100m essentially a mezzabarbra trinity Masotti x100m Classic/el34 -british tones -rare, hand-built in Italy, rarely seen in the US -military spec, very high quality -this is probably the quietest high gain amp you will...
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    Got my koca war machine 7 loving it ! So far excellent build quality !!
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    Diezel vhx

    Considering selling most of my gear for this . Seems like it checks a lot of boxes any owners out there care to chime in cheers
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    Cab re tolex

    Anyone know of a spot located in or near LA that does re tolexing ? Have a beat up old soldano cab I’m trying to bring back to life . Thanks
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    WTB oni essi 6 or 7 string/ multiscale 7 string

    Longshot but if you got one you want to get rid of PM me thanks !
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    Been putting this thing through the paces last few days , really digging it . Was between this and another diezel Einstein got this on a whim . Awesome mv takes pedals well and has a very responsive eq. Doesn’t quite scratch the modern metal itch but I think it’s staying in the stable for awhile 🤘
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    Help picking a diezel

    So I’ve been gassing over a vh4 for a while now . I’ve had the Schmidt,Einstein and lil Fokker . I mostly play modern metal but appreciate a good clean and some classic heavy rock crunch . I’ve loved all my diezels for different reasons wondering what would be the best option !
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    Awesome playing mayones gtm 7 string excellent condition some slight fade on the cavity cover . Ships in ohsc . Only trades would be for a diezel amp . 1600 to your door . 🤘
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    Diezel Schmidt mint condition comes with f/s Open to trades for high gain heads . 1700 shipped
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    WTB vfe standout or focus found *

    If you have one your willing to part with shoot me a pm!
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    overdrive suggestions

    I’m looking for a suggestion to gas my amps gain channel into more of a modern metal area . Was thinking horizon precision drive . Any suggestions opinions ?
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    Anyone played one of these ? Wondering about build quality and tones !
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    220 to 120

    I have a step up / down transformer but I’ve never used one and not sure how to set things up with out blowing the tranny eventually going to re wire the pt . But wanted to test the amp . Any help appreciated !
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    Kemp kr3

    Ash buckeye burl body .wenge maple 3 piece neck, zebrano multiscale fretboard,hip shot grip lock tuners , single string guitar bridge , emg 81-7 /707 pickups . Matte PU finish . Amazing playing and sounding guitar will ship in a gator extreme hard shell case . Looking for 2100 shipped . thanks