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    Can anyone explain how the Washburn Dime models got so expensive

    I can't for the life of me can't understand it. I mean don't get me wrong Dime is a legend and that's not a question what so ever, but his import Washburn's have really climbed up there. In 2015 I had a chance to get one for $300.00 all original with case, and now that same model I see listed at...
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    Dimebag’s Estate Sues Dean Guitar’s Hurry up and buy those Deans if you been eyeing one. Seems the Dime models are done
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    Anyone play both a Langner and Cameron?

    I might have a lead on these but can only afford 1. I've played a Langner years ago, and it was amazing. However I hear a lot about the Cameron's and never been in the room with one. The Langner is 5 gain stage mod and the Cameron is an Auldrich mod. Both amps use a Marshall JMP 2204 for the...