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  1. RevDrucifer

    I recorded a cover of "Hurt"

    First song I've ever recorded without distorted guitars, but I'm pretty stoked with how this came out. It's a take on Sevendust's version of it, which was a taken on Johnny Cash's cover of it....but it doesn't really sound like any of them. I've been doing this song solo acoustic/vocal for...
  2. RevDrucifer

    My Zack Wylde AxeFX preset (camera in room audio ya'll dig)

    I threw this preset together after Leon Todd made delay and flanger blocks replicating the Yamaha SPX-90. I rarely plug into a guitar cab these days, but felt like shaking some walls so I'm plugged into the return of a solid state Peavey XXL head feeding a 2x12 with WGS Retro 30's. Just a really...
  3. RevDrucifer

    NBD: Have some King’s X for your face

    I grabbed one of these new Spector Pulse basses and it’s fucking AWESOME. For under a grand, it’s pretty hard to beat. Roasted maple neck, ebony fingerboard, EMG’s and a Spector Tone Pump Jr preamp. I have two 5-strings and just wasn’t getting on with them, especially when it came to drop tuning...
  4. RevDrucifer

    Pete Thorn with Vai’s DLR-era Jose Marshall

    TbRJeFYfwjU This oughtta cream some jeans around here. Great fucking vid! Vai comes in at the end to discuss his history with the amp(s) and Friedman is also featured talking specs.
  5. RevDrucifer

    Edwards Silverburst LPC?

    Anyone know if Edwards, or Burny, has put out a Silverburst LPC? I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find one. An ebony fingerboard Silverburst is really what I’m going for, without spending $3K-$4K on one. I won’t be buying one for a few months, just trying to plan out some purchases.
  6. RevDrucifer

    Tons of live 80's concerts! This dude has a TON of killer stuff!! Figured I'd pass along the goodies.
  7. RevDrucifer

    Behringer Buys Out TC Electronics: End Of An Era ... -tc-group/ I'm selling my pre-Behringer era G-Force for $2K. I'm going to buy 8 of the new plastic case G-Force's coming out later this year.