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    1974 Marshall Dialed in! Ozzy Content

    Love it
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    Absolutely terrible! More Metallica content

    It is good to see it get used and not stuck in a display case in some Bankers mansion, but it's a bit of waste as Donnie said drenched in his current tone. It's like drowning a Wagyu steak with a cup of ketchup. It would be nicer to hear it in the studio with some nice gear to really hear it's tone.
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    What's the best online resource to learn about midi?

    First rule of MIDI club is we dO NoT cALl iT midi
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    Absolutely terrible! More Metallica content

    Kirks been letting the team down since after Justice. He needs to go back to Satriani for lead help and stop listening to a shit drummer construct his leads. Every lead from the Black album on has been forgettable wah wankery.
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    Absolutely terrible! More Metallica content

    DM was remastered around 2015/16 when it was put on the "Mastered for iTunes". It wasn't publicised just fixed. Take another listen and see if you agree. It's still a loud mix but not atrocious like it was. You can more clearly hear the bass and vocals without being assaulted by the drum mix...
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    Who got in Metallica’s ear on the justice tour?

    James recognises his live tones don't work as studio tones, could have been self realisation or could have been Big Mick proving it to him over the years? "Is your studio setup the same as your live setup? HETFIELD: My live sound does not work in the studio, which is a completely different...
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    With the 80's rockers being 60's/70's/80's yrs old where is music going ?

    I miss the older days of people playing their amps and drums with what they felt on the day, slight adjustments to amp settings and drum sounds for each song made it feel more human and less quantised and cut/copy as it seems now. It feels like they choose their tones for the whole album and the...
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    "Beat it" with boobs.

    Not calling her a stripper, but those are def some stripper dead inside eyes
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    Metallica sounded best using Marshall?

    Well there you go, I haven't seen that shot before. The pic from the puppets session has the settings written on what appears to be black tape not the tolex, or are my eyes playing tricks on me? The distance from the last number 4 to the words "Live Settings" appears a little greater between...
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    For The Metallica Fans

    They broke out the IIC++ for the Moth Into Flame video backline at least
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    Metallica sounded best using Marshall?

    I've not seen any pics of Mark III's either, it's always been IIC++'s. The only mention I've ever seen was by the assistant mixing engineer Toby Wright in the AJFA box set book that he thought the amps were Mark III's. But he could be mistaken I believe. "James had Mesa Boogie amps that they...
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    Power Amp Tubes- What Does Papa Diezel Recommend? check under 'Warranty & Information'
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    The RedPlate Magica is a cool amp!

    Wizard bashing is on trend, if you dissent from that then you're a 'fanboy'. Can't win.
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    The RedPlate Magica is a cool amp!

    Rick should do a 'Tall Poppy' model
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    Just some Metallica madness, down picking.....

    Kirks gear James and Cliff's rigs James' I think this was Day on the Green era?
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    Tool fans .

    Thomas Anderson: What else can I say, it's ok, you're welcome!😉
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    New Dream Theater: 👽 NUTS!

    I like that more already than the entire last 3-4 albums
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    Wizard W800 gutshots

    Toxic thread is toxic
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    Wizard W800 gutshots

    Please don't stoop to VB level though
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    Wizard W800 gutshots

    Strewth! 🙃