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  1. sacguy71

    Mezzabarba MZero review

    Just picked up a new Mezzabarba MZero amp and cab and really enjoying it. Quite different than my Bogner Uberschall Twinjet amp in so many ways. Here is a quick demo of it: The clean channel is quite good even better than the clean channel of the Bogner Uberschall and most high gain amps. I...
  2. sacguy71

    Tips for Bogner Uberschall Twinjet amp settings

    Hi all, I am a first time Bogner Uberschall Twinjet amp owner and need some tips on amp settings for the clean channel 1 and high gain channel 2. Also the global depth and presence controls are confusing to me. I play classic rock, blues, thrash metal and downtuned high gain modern metal.