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  1. Axisman5150

    Compressor in the Remote

    Hi Guillaume, I bought a CAB to compliment my Egnater Mod50 into a SUHR Load and really love this setup! Your cab modeling is excellent! Just wondering, would it be possible to add a compressor in the Remote? I'm sure processing,RAM is not enough but It would be cool if we could replace an...
  2. Axisman5150

    Mod20 Wish List

    Bruce mentioned possible plans of making a Mod20. Bruce Egnater wrote on the MTS Forum: "What about a MOD20 with a great clean channel build it? You change the other channel? Just an idea we a toying with." Why not add a features wish list we would like to see to give Bruce ideas to implement...
  3. Axisman5150

    NAD: MOD50

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought one. I've always been a fan of Bruce's stuff. I have a Renegade with matching 2x12, Rebel 20 and 1x12, Tweaker 15 and love each one for want they do. Now to add to the collection, the Mod50 with the T/D & SL2. I think this will be the last amp I'll buy...
  4. Axisman5150

    WTB Mod 50

    I'm gasing for the mods! So if anyone has a Mod 50 they want to sell, send me your offers.
  5. Axisman5150

    Tweaker 15 Tube Rolling

    Alright, I've been playing my Tweaker 15 since I bought it used back in May and it sounds very good. I've played it through my various Egnater cabs,(Rebel 1x12,TM 2x12, oversized 1x12) It sounds great through all of them. Since I had time to kill and a box full of tubes, I'd thought I would...
  6. Axisman5150

    Rebel 20 V1 Clarification

    Usually V1 is the tube socket closest to the input jack, but on the Rebel 20 it's V2. Now I remeber reading on a forum about this subject and that the board was incorrectly printed. So V2 is really V1 and visa versa, is this correct?
  7. Axisman5150

    Bruce, The official E2 request thread

    Bruce, We would love to see this happen. Please,please,please... :yes:
  8. Axisman5150

    Rebel Yell!!

    I picked up a Rebel 20 and matching 1x12 cab off the local Craigslist to have as a smaller grab'n'go rig when jamming with friends, instead of lugging my Renegade and 2x12 cab. Boy does this thing pack a punch! Really impressed at how versatile this little amp is. It has certainly lived up to...
  9. Axisman5150

    Bruce, For The Love of God...Please Make This!!

    The E2. This would look so nice on top of my Renegade running through the loop. Please! Please...
  10. Axisman5150

    CL80 & V30 Mix

    I had a V30 laying around after replacing it with a G12-65 to mix with a V30 in my Mesa 2x12 cab.(which sounds killer) So I decided to put the V30 in my Tourmaster 2x12 to see how well it mixes with a CL80. It's a keeper! Before the switch, I found the CL80's to be good in the mids but a little...
  11. Axisman5150

    Other Preamps Through The Return

    When playing another preamp through the "Return" of the effects loop of the Renegade, Does the tube mix work? or does it play through both power tubes? BTW, Using the preamp models of the Axe-Fx(amp sims,cab sims off) sound very good through the loop. Although, the Renegade's channels are more...
  12. Axisman5150

    Renegade Channel Switching w/FCB1010?

    HI, Just picked up a Renegade and a TM 2x12. Great buy I must say! I'm using my Axe-Fx in a 4 cable method with the Renegade and would like to use the Behringer FCB1010's 2 relay switches to do channel/loop/boost. The 2 relay switches on the FCB can use TRS cables, so I'm assuming with 2 TRS...