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  1. MrDowntown

    "its only 120 volts"

    My rule with electricity. Don’t fuck with it. Have a cousin who used to run a small airport years ago. A father son team were swapping out runway lights, got their signals crossed…son fried dad. It was instant. Love my electricity, but in the wires where it was meant to be 😂
  2. MrDowntown

    A year ago today....

    I never talked about EVH a lot when he was alive I guess…. At least I didn’t think I did. The day he died I got a bunch of texts and phone calls letting me know he had passed…basically consoling me. Didn’t know the guy personally obviously, but his music connected us in ways… it was weird. I...
  3. MrDowntown

    Lead singers / frontmen

    live music works so much better with stage presence... gotta believe in it when delivering it too. DLR was so good at it. last weekend, some kids, in a 80's cover band of all things, showed up and played a three hour deal at a resort we were at. the "lead" guitar player, and singer...the front...
  4. MrDowntown


    Love the book. Read it several times…always do this time of year. (If I’m being honest…I listen to dramatic readings on audiobooks. Lol) Anyway. What’s the best, as far you’re concerned, Dracula movie?
  5. MrDowntown

    Vintage audio receiver

    i have an old Philco stereo, turntable,...the furniture stereo! still works...tubes in it sound incredible. got a technics out in my shop from about 82/83, still kicking. i just know its full of dirt and shit... whilst not quite 70/80's circa, i've got a 90's audio receiver. i bought it from...
  6. MrDowntown

    Reactive loads, IR

    interesting.... USB out Daw ->USB In Focusrite, Left Out-> to EFX Send of Amp -> In to Focusrite is this the chain? watched a short video...dude made it look easy, not uncommon for YT videos.
  7. MrDowntown

    Reactive loads, IR

    alrighty... got my Suhr RLIR last week. got a few minutes with it. digging what it will do so far. now the IR rabbit hole i suppose 😄 CelestionPlus has been recommended.. so i'm checking those offerings out. any other thoughts? A stupid question... i (think) have IR's stored from when i...
  8. MrDowntown

    Gary Moore/Red House

  9. MrDowntown

    Anyone use slat wall setups for hanging guitars?

    Man they’re like kids. I love them all.
  10. MrDowntown

    NAD: first Mesa!

    …cork-sniffery… 😜
  11. MrDowntown

    NAD! Suhr SL68

    Damn man. Sexy AF HNAD and Can day….
  12. MrDowntown

    NAD: first Mesa!

    Never owned…hell not even played Mesa before. Picked up a Mini Rec on a trade This evening. Only had a a few minutes with it, but man I like the voicing on it. And what thick toned little bugger…. :rock:
  13. MrDowntown

    "Beat it" with boobs.

    "...And she showed me her boobies and I like them too!" ~B. Boucher, ca.1998
  14. MrDowntown

    Last weekend's show

    killer man! sounded good...the splawn really cutting, thick and punchy...awesome.
  15. MrDowntown

    Reactive loads, IR

    Just bought a RL/IR from the Verb…. Anxious to see how I like it. I think, and hope The IR’s on board will make the difference, as compared to the RL with no IRs…. With the RL (no IR’s) I was trying to run everything through WOS…nice for a recorded studio tone. Really nice actually (to my...
  16. MrDowntown

    Crap! Another Mesa. Non Metal edition. Now vid works.

    Been thinking a lot about mesas recently…never owned one. Seems like all the cool kids have one 😀 HNAD
  17. MrDowntown

    Soldano Atomic 16

  18. MrDowntown

    Chris Henderson, guitarist for 3 Doors Down, and I are not related...

    That is a cool story. Glad it worked out for you!
  19. MrDowntown

    Reactive loads, IR

    Right on! Appreciate the thoughts and feedback guys… As far as the digital stuff having caught up…to expand on that a bit: Unless I’m misunderstanding, which is likely, with the Load/IR scenario your amp signal is tuned into 1’s & 0’s, like that of a digital rig. It’s then played back to you...