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  1. LP Freak

    VH Eyes of the night

    Never heard this one before….
  2. LP Freak

    George Lynch on a Les Paul

    He definitely sounds a lot different
  3. LP Freak

    Metallica at the Metro in Chicago tonight!

    Wasn’t able to get tickets before they sold out but very cool! Only 20 bucks to get in too.
  4. LP Freak

    New Bass Day 🤘🏻

    This is one bad muther fucker
  5. LP Freak

    Soldano Hot Rod 50 price check

    What are these amps selling for these days or are they selling at all? Lol
  6. LP Freak

    FS EVH, Dimarzio, MXR

    All are like new. Pickups were very briefly installed. Prices are PP gift shipped EVH Wolfgang neck $75 Dimarzio Andy Timmons AT-1 bridge $60 MXR Phase 90 Script $80
  7. LP Freak


    Decided to let this beauty go. This guitar is very clean for being 42 years old. And it both plays and sounds incredible. The action is very low with no buzzing and stays in tune extremely well. Frets are in good shape so the must have been leveled at some point and the nut was replaced. Some...
  8. LP Freak


    Excellent condition. Plays and sounds great. Fresh set up with new strings SOLD
  9. LP Freak

    FS Yamaha THR10II

    Selling this killer little practice amp. Excellent condition $230 shipped PP gift
  10. LP Freak

    *SOLD* 1974 Marshall SLP Monomyth

    Kinda on the fence here but I decided to let go of my Monomyth. Shea did the Blood and Thunder mod to this one. From the front it looks like a complete sleeper but under the hood it’s a fire breather. The two left inputs are disconnected. The lower right is 3 gain stages (with tons of usable...
  11. LP Freak

    Bonham Whole Lotta Love Isolated

    What a killer groove!
  12. LP Freak

    Space Ace...what he does best

  13. LP Freak

    It’s Pat Travers time!

    Oh yea 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  14. LP Freak

    Into The a girl

  15. LP Freak

    Friedman vs Cameron

  16. LP Freak

    MXR Phase 90 Script

    Like new $75 shipped PP gift
  17. LP Freak

    Where to find humbucker mounting screws?

    I never thought these would be so difficult to find. I’m looking for long black screws to mount a bridge pickup in an LP. I can find the ones with a large pan head but not the ones with a smaller head like used on Gibsons. They need to be long ones for a deep ring. A link would be great.
  18. LP Freak

    Smith/ Kotzen-Scars

    Sounds great. I was really surprised with Adrian‘s vocals
  19. LP Freak

    BrandonTMX is getting ready for a perma-band

    Get rid of this dude
  20. LP Freak

    Paul Gilbert Snortin’ Whiskey

    The dude is just sick....