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  1. John4021

    Kahayan MIDI 8X4 Amp/Cab Switching system SOLD

    Bought new a few years ago. Works flawlessly. Dead quiet . Great way to switch up to 8 heads(or combos) and 4 cabs. These are $1300.00 new plus tax. This has been in the rack since I bought it brand new.
  2. John4021

    RFT Junk

    Had 2 of these do the EXACT same thing. Anyone else had issues with these turning into junk?
  3. John4021

    ibzprestige gives good packing

    No bullshit seller/shipping . :2thumbsup:
  4. John4021

    Front loaded 4x12

    So, I have a VH4 pumping into 2 Diezel 4x12 Scumback loaded cabs. Whats the Front loaded going to do for me. Love the tone I have right now so will adding the FR 4x12 be just another cab or give me a bigger smile than I have going on now.
  5. John4021


    These were bought new a month ago. Great UK made G12H 150 wattage. Only selling as a pair.
  6. John4021

    Tonesfoyobones get the shipping award.

    Bastard, Took me forever to unwrap all the bubble wrap this guy used. First class shipper. Two thumbs up :2thumbsup:
  7. John4021

    WTB Strat w/floyd or a Tele

    Under a grand. Whatcha got.
  8. John4021

    Frankie Striped series

    $2000 No case Made in a Taco joint. blaw blaw blaw. Yea or..nay Seriously, Is this a decent axe at that price point? Lot of used Charvel offerings at half the money.
  9. John4021

    No monsters hide in closets..4x120

    ...they come out to peel paint off walls. What a beast. The Masters work great so it doesn't need to be at ear splitting volumes to give up the goods. The Black Cat mod on the clean channel should be a standard on all Wizard amps. Hybird front end really gives you a lot of tone...
  10. John4021

    Source Audio Nemesis Delay SOLD

    More Unkle John super deals to my fellow Forum Pals This is one you wont want to pass up. Mint Condition Source Audio Delay Killer Stereo Delay with a tone of features; 24 Delay Engines: Nemesis features 12 onboard delay engines accessible via the center selector wheel, plus an additional 12...
  11. John4021

    Seymour Duncan JB Trembucker SOLD

    I'm never going to use this as I have another one I forgot about (dumbass). Never took it out of the taped up factory box. PayPal Gift me $62.50 and it's yours. Shipped in Cont US . This was $79 brand new.
  12. John4021

    Suhr 67 50 watter

    Anyone have experience with this lil flame thrower? Al the videos sound great but what happends when you get it home
  13. John4021

    Got 7 minutes to spare? Cabo Wabo baby

  14. John4021

    2016 spec Wizard MTL Near Mint. SOLD

    Picked this up recently but all good things must pass to a new owner. Tubes are newish and still have tons of bottom end and singing highs. Everything works as it should and she roars. Shown with new Plexi style knobs I bought from ValveStorm. but will sell with original Black Chicken heads...
  15. John4021

    Metalhead gets the 2 thumbs up

    Flawless deal with him :2thumbsup:
  16. John4021

    Unkle Johns Christmas in July Herbert sale .... SOLD

    Ok my brothers and sisters. Santa heard yins have been very good this year (so far). Let get another deal wrapped up under your Christmas tree. Diezel Herbert MK1. Has Updated MIDI chip from Papa Diezel. NEW JJ KT77's in the beast. Doubt they have an hour on them and were purchased from Tube...
  17. John4021

    Rev Blue Uberschall. ...SOLD

    Damn, Another Unkle John Christmas in July sale. This one is a real fire breather. Got other irons in the fire or this would stay put. The price is as low as I can find online. Newer EL34's. Footswitch included. SOLD Shipping/PayPal fees on the buyer. Shipping in the Cont, US only . No...
  18. John4021

    Preamp tube layout.

    Anyone know what the layout is on a MTL?
  19. John4021

    Lexxi quits Steel Panther WTF?

    "Lexxi has chosen to hang up his mirror and focus on his newfound passion. Making ugly dogs pretty. Anyway, after nearly 40 years of rocking together and taking Steel Panther from the Viper Room to headlining Wembley Arena, it is with heavy hearts - but great heavy metal memories - that we bid...
  20. John4021

    bulldog for sale...SOLD

    Bought brand new less than a few months ago in May of 2021. DEAD Mint condition. The D120 series II adds a lot of upgrades that the original VHT models didnt have. Footswitchable F/X loop and can switch between the LESS/MORE modes. Assignable bright switch and the More mode has it's own...