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  1. JR-OZ

    Greetings boogie boys

    picked this up. Rev F I haven’t fired it up yet as I’m in middle of move still looks great and pretty clean. Gonna put some tad tubes in it as I hate jj lol
  2. JR-OZ


    Question for you guys, I love my Omega Obsidian I hate my Revv MKIII with a passion lol Not my thing. Will I like a KSR ? Anyone on the know lets hear it.. Thanks boys By the way I have a barron and tons of other amps so if the ksr reminds you of anything I Would appreciate the comparison...
  3. JR-OZ


    Looking for a double mint c+ Eq, Simu, verb etc etc The real deal Show pony If anyone knows of one please let me know thanks. Not looking for a beater looking for a collectors piece I might get back on the band wagon again lol Thanks boys
  4. JR-OZ

    Wait time

    Curious what the wait time is on one of these beautiful specimens.
  5. JR-OZ

    Authorized tech in new York city area

    Looking for a Authorized tech in new York city area Anyone have any ideas ? Preferably Brooklyn if possible thanks.
  6. JR-OZ

    New head day with bad luck lol

    While waiting for my vhx half stack situation to be resolved with BAD I ordered a Herbert mk iii. I guess I have BAD luck lol head came with tubes messed up lol some guide pins broken and tubes banging all over. Lol after I put them back in the amp sounded amazing for 10 min but then fuse...
  7. JR-OZ

    New wizard inbound question.

    Hey guys I shot rick an email inquiring about a tone I am looking for and he suggested a MCii 100 watt needless to say it’s my first wizard inbound. What speakers ? front vs rear loaded cabs? Any suggestions thanks FYI tune to standard C and drop A Use medium gain passive pups Hate emg...
  8. JR-OZ

    Shout out to Omega!

    Was playing this yesterday as I am breaking in the rig. Out of my 40 plus heads and cabs this is one of the top. Quality is amazing, Feel is great, And the sound Is killer. They really hit this out of the park as far as modern amp goes. Cab on left is the Mick Thompson Sigs Speakers cab on...
  9. JR-OZ

    Questions on VHX and cab

    Hey guys as I am about to Add Another Diezel to the stable (VHX Half stack) Have questions on the VHX Appreciate all the help you can give ! 1. What is the Pre-loop? 2. Can I use a boost with it? 3. Does it take the Signal from the Loop A/B ?? 4. Is it the same as slamming the front of the...
  10. JR-OZ

    The boys

    Hey guys hope everyone is Healthy and happy. Just checking in on papa and Peter and the guys at diezel been trying to reach them for a order for last few weeks and get no email reply’s ? Hope all is good over there. Maybe there mad at me cause last tour I was spotted with a mesa boogie 🤔😂...