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    I Don't Know WTF She Is Saying and Don't Care!

    The keyboard guy had like best seat in the house Winning
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    New Synergy Modules! We can finally talk about them! 2C+!!!

    The early rectos are 2 component changes away from an Slo The biggest difference is the Recto has no Negetive feedback the SLO does Put the feedback in change the 2 components and voila its a soldano On the surface they sound nothing alike but to a builder the circuit copy is easily identified
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    New Synergy Modules! We can finally talk about them! 2C+!!!

    Freidman Twin Sister would be my guess
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    Marshall 2203 #36 Mod- Larry schematic....

    He does a SIR 39 model that sounds killer to
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    Amps you've gigged with

    hmm all the amps I have gigged with well first was a Marshall jcm800 combo white 50 watt , should have never sold Marshall JMP1 in peavy classic 120 power amps Rocktron Prophesy Rivera Knucklehead VHT pittbull CL 50 Yamaha Tc100 Elmwood M90 Baron M60 and B60s Engl Blackmore I sure...
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    Which one you want, and who's next?

    Soldano micro SLO is coming
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    Can We Get an ETA, Price, & Specs on the VH4 Mini?

    can we see the new look yet / I am dying to see what changed or can you just tell us , its white tolex , metal grill straight front no slant / or something like that or maybe just a picture of it in it natural habitat ?
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    Synergy amps

    Thanks for the info ya the blue sounds different to me , i am just wondering if it is a 3 stage preamp Or 4 , I know it is difficult but i am trying to find a shot of the actual PCB , i have seen shots of all the other mods freidman etc The reason is i actually love that sound and what to see...
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    Synergy amps

    Tried that no luck, it does not appear a lot of people own that module on the forums , mostly SLO Fryette or XTC Anyone have an Uber :)
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    Synergy amps

    Questions about the Uber , what is the Blue channel because it sound nothing like the Uber , much more Marshall or and XTC red with the gain back off and tightened up , just curious. is the blue channel 3 gain stages and red 4 , anyone have a shot of the PCB just curious as to what changed...
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    Similar to the SLO but...

    Suhr/CAE , Mezzabarba, KSR Would be my top Choices
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    Bogner XTC red mods

    I love the growl you get from the XTC in a drop D AIC groove But i am wondering how one could make it a bit tighter w more upper mid snarl kind of like a Mezzabarba Cross Is this possible and what to change ?
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    new maiden single/video

    I actually dont mind it It is different for sure all the usual Maiden trademarks Steve bass Nicko ride accents have definitely been toned down , the solo is still classic Maiden but the rest of the song is less their classic feel I like it though the opening acoustic and then what sounds...
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    Revv Gen MkIII or Engl Savage 120 MkII?

    My thoughts I would go ENGL over Revv the Revv never really wows me and i have watched tones of shootouts but the always seem to lose Another thing I frequently hear is how guys who own both the pedals And the amps comment about how amazing it is that the amps sound just like the pedals, to me...
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    Driftwood High Gain Clip

    So if you had just the 50 Watt 2 tube mini nightmare I am guessing your recommendation and. Choice would be the EH 6ca7
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    Driftwood High Gain Clip

    Yeah the 5881 sound killer Wonder what a 6CA7 would do Are those not kind of mid ground between EL34 and 6l6
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    Driftwood High Gain Clip

    Is the mini really close to that w the 5881 to me thats a great tone I had read on another forum about not cutting through but your clips and Bretts don’t seem like that would be an issue at all I am seriously thinking of ordering one but i think it will be like 4 grand canadian , but killer...
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    Driftwood High Gain Clip

    not to hijack thread and it is the 100 watt , but for the big Rock / modern rock tones have you guys seen this , thats a crazy freaking sound
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    Driftwood High Gain Clip

    well thats quite the articulate little bugger , OMG that was tight. and didn't sound like the sludgy modern low mid , was more in Soldano territory to my ears , great tones , I am actually on the fence about ordering , BYW how is the mini for lower volume , and the recording out I know the...
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    Opinions on Jet City's new amps?

    They literally have a ton of options If you want a 50 watt they will do it NegAtive feedback control , mid sweep and the voicing choices and board options are pretty nuts Choose Bogner Uber ,XTC, SLO Vh4, BE HBE JJ etc etc preamps