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    David Lee Roth is Retiring After His Last 5 Upcoming Shows in Las Vegas

    My wife and I will be at at least one of the Vegas House of Blues shows. DLR is one of my all time FAVS and I was just cranking his Greatest Hits CD on the way home from work today. Was not more than an hour later my wife told me she just read he announced his retirement. I was already thinking...
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    Just Ordered A Buxom Boost Pedal

    I just ordered a Buxom Boost. Anyone have one yet and have suggested settings for hitting my Small Box with it to give it a little more juice but without really changing the tone?
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    Small Box Bias Adjustment Location?

    I had one of my stock ARS/JJ EL34's go microphonic today. I bought some new power tubes and I am taking my amp in tomorrow to get biased. Should the bias adjustment screw be easy for the tech to locate? Is there something he should look for to find it? I know the bias should be set at 32ma.
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    Friedman Small Box Bias Adjustment Location?

    I had one of the stock ARS/JJ EL34's in my Friedman Small Box go microphonic today. I bought some new power tubes and I am taking my amp in tomorrow to get biased. Should the bias adjustment screw be easy for the tech to locate? Is there something he should look for to find it? I know the bias...
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    Best Speakers for Small Box 212 Cabinet?

    I am thinking about getting a Friedman 212 cabinet for my Small Box head. Any other speaker recommendations besides V30's?
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    Friedman Runt 20 Question?

    If I buy a Runt 20 will I be able to run it directly into the PA system at church without having to purchase any other equipment? I might also just buy a Torpedo Live and use my Small Box, but it would be nice to have a Runt for a backup amp. Plus I could use it if I try to get into some home...
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    Siemens/RFT EL34 in Small Box?

    I am thinking about getting some NOS Siemens EL34 for my Small Box, but I have heard they do not handle high plate voltage very well. Should I be okay to use these in my amp? I am not sure if my plate voltage may be too high. Mesa is selling a matched NOS "A Grade" duet for $150.00.
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    Friedman Small Box & Tung Sol 12ax7's

    I am still running the stock JJ/ARS EL34's in my Small Box and I have been using an RFT 12ax7 in the V1 first gain stage for a while now. I just recently pulled the stock Chinese V2 and V3 preamp tubes and put in a couple New Sensor/Tung Sol 12ax7's in V2 and V3. The amp has never sound better...
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    Smallbox Channel Switching Noise/Pop

    I turned my Smallbox on this morning at church and no sound. I plugged straight into the amp, changed a preamp tube in V1 and tried different guitar and speaker cables. Nothing worked. When I got home it worked fine, but I noticed a popping noise when changing channels that I have never noticed...
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    Smallbox - Need Help Dialing In Tones for Two Songs

    I have a Friedman Smallbox head and the stuff on my board is pictured below. The orange pedal with the faded logo is a JHS Pulp n Peel compressor. The delays and reverb are going through the loop and the bottom row is going through the front of the amp. I am actually playing a Fender Custom Shop...
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    Friedman Smallbox Deal Alert

    The two Guitar Centers in the San Diego area (La Mesa & San Marcos) are carrying Friedman amps now and they both have deals on the Smallbox for $2349 brand new. That is a pretty sweet discount on an amazing amp which lists normally for $2799.
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    Friedman Pedal Board Power Release Date?

    For some reason my Modtone power plant is not powering my new Strymon DIG delay pedal. The outlets are all 150ma and everything is set to 9 volts. I am jumping two outlets giving me 300ma to power the Strymon pedal which only requires 250ma. The same cable powers my TC Flashback X4 no problem...
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    Smallbox Plate Voltage?

    I am thinking about getting some NOS Siemens EL34's for my Smallbox, but I hear they are not recommended for amps with a plate voltage higher than 450. What is the average plate voltage for the Smallbox?
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    Bias Adjustment Knob Location?

    Does anybody have a picture or a good description of where I can find the Bias adjustment knob on my Friedman Smallbox? I am thinking about buying a Compu-Bias and playing around with some different power tubes.
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    Thanks For Making The Smallbox Dave!!!

    No amp has ever made my guitars and pedals sound soooooooooooo good. The Smallbox is truly a joy to own and play through. The amp has basically eliminated any of the gear and tone frustrations I was dealing with previously. Even if some of those frustrations were minor, it is still nice to have...
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    Smallbox Preamp Tubes?

    What kind of preamp tubes are the Smallbox and other Friedman amps shipping with these days? Are the preamp tubes now TAD's also?
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    Dave Friedman Amp Chassis Signatures?

    Does Dave only sign some of his amps depending on his availability? I cannot find a signature on my Smallbox and I see pictures of other amps that are signed on the chassis by Dave. My unsigned Smallbox will sound just as good as the next guys, but it did get me wondering about the signing process.
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    Smallbox BE Channel vs Marsha BE Channel

    I know that the Smallbox BE channel has a more vintage sound than the BE100, but should I be able to get in the same ballpark using the same EQ settings in this video? I realize that I do not have all the same switches and guitar. I will have to write down some of my favorite settings here and...
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    Cool New Smallbox Video

    This here is a good one. :thumbsup: 4_8hXYkZdQ8
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    Smallbox 50 Love

    I am into my second week with my Smallbox 50 head and I am really loving this little monster. No suggestions, wants or complaints. It takes pedals well so a built-in solo boost is not needed. The tone is perfect and everything works as it should. :thumbsup: :D