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  1. FastRedPonyCar

    Brit-Tone PowerDrive - Custom Plexi/Shiva type thing

    Bruce at Brit-Tone lent this to me to try out. Details in the video. Also, he said that he can build this in 50 or 100 watts with any power tube type a customer wants. This one is 40~ish watts from 4x EL84's Plexi circuit for the normal channel and a Bogner Shiva/SLO thing on the lead...
  2. FastRedPonyCar

    Anybody played a Brit-Tone SLO?

    Here's a copy/paste from a TGP forum post asking about the Brit-tone stuff. Bruce is local~ish to me and I've played several of his amps in my studio and on stage and they are all monsters. I've used a couple of his 100w SLO clones and a 50w slo clone and the 50 was just SUPERB on stage. It...
  3. FastRedPonyCar

    Jet City Earhart 50 Demo

    I'll hopefully have a couple more by the end of the week. maybe a drop tuned/boosted demo and jam track video or two. Really impressive amp Efxee_Uqhv4 Boosted high gain metal clip (boost used is the eden analog austin overdrive with the gain at 0, tone at noon and level at max) EBMM JP6...
  4. FastRedPonyCar

    JCA100H SLO modded

    Had Zach at Titan amplification tweak a few components inside to more closely match the lead circuit of a SLO100. details in the video description ZWpDgHxfFiw
  5. FastRedPonyCar

    Jet city 22H amp video

    coming soon. First batch has been shipped this way I believe. It's essentially the 20H with a lead channel and fx loop added onto it. IMO, it's like a baby JCA50/100 with a bit less headroom on the crunch/clean channel and a little more compressed lead channel when pushed hard. Doug says...
  6. FastRedPonyCar

    My Video demos of the XTC classic!

    Blast off! iDNO_LUlKBI vX7eHt0-i20 _Ln3GshEQnY (In case videos don't show up right)
  7. FastRedPonyCar

    Best dual stage OD pedal for JTM45?

    ok right now I'm using an OCD for the bulk of the gain and an eden analog austin overdrive for the clean boost. the amp is setup fairly clean but the OCD doesn't quite take me to where I want to be with the gain. It's lacking a little of the saturation I'm after and it's not until I kick on...
  8. FastRedPonyCar

    where can I buy JUST the Renegade headshell?

    I've got the 212 combo and I'm wanting to buy a headshell to use it with my port city cab. I've tried calling Egnater's support and no answer so I was curious if anyone here knew? If they don't sell just the empty head shell, how hard is it to retrofit the renegade into an empty marshall style...
  9. FastRedPonyCar


    I don't think the first test I did with these amps was as accurate as it could have been. I had stuff in the fx loops and used room mic'ing and for the renegade, the room mic was in a different location so this time, no room mic'ing aside from what you hear from the mic's capturing. Amps (as...
  10. FastRedPonyCar

    Quartet of KT88's + Renegade = Epic

    Got a quartet of Ruby KT88's, pre burned in and matched up. Sorry for the hueg pictures. I thought I resized them enough... oh well. Had to do some modifications to get them to fit. the flat metal clamps are too narrow to accommodate the larger base of the 88's so they had to come out...
  11. FastRedPonyCar

    Renegade = Brown Sound

    Well.. sort of. That chewy "marshall about to explode" lower midrange register isn't there but overall, I'm pleased. My hats off to you Mr. Egnater for putting this caliber of tone within the average guy's budget... too bad the amp doesn't come with Ed's chops :cry: v_Dh5IBdf5g
  12. FastRedPonyCar

    KT88/6V6 mix in the Renegade?

    just curious if anyone with the renegade has tried either or both of these types of tubes in the renegade? If so, what were your thoughts on the sound and feel of the amp?
  13. FastRedPonyCar

    Just ordered a Scumback M75-LHDC speaker

    Going into my splawn 4X12. Will be replacing the G12H30 so it should bring the total power handling up from 120 to 240 watts. Anyone have any experience with these speakers? I've read nothing but rave reviews of them from the hard core marshall guys and Jim at scumback said that the M75 would...