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  1. Dig

    Increasing Renagade gain: new tubes, boost pedal or new amp

    Hi. I also have a Renegade and still love it. I recommend looking into the Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded. It's not cheap, but it might give you that "liquid" feel you're looking for.
  2. Dig

    Is Guitar Center an Egnater Dealer or not?

    I assume you found your answer since it's been several months. For what it's worth, I recently had my Egnater Renegade head repaired by Big Crunch in Baltimore. No complaints.
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    What's the story with the Vengeance? I think I saw some Armageddon footage from NAMM, but I'm in the dark on the Vengeance.
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    Reverb unit/pedal/box. What are you using?

    If you're using reverb, and it isn't your amp's built in reverb, what are you using? What are the pros and cons of it? A little background on the reason for my question: I recently bought a used Roland SRV-2000 reverb unit because it was really cheap, and I was curious. It does some neat...
  5. Dig

    TM 412 cab cover?

    Does anyone here use a dust cover for their Tourmaster 412 cab that they'd recommend?
  6. Dig

    Another Renegade question - channel vol vs. main vol

    My ignorance is about to be exposed here.... Are each channel's volume knobs affecting the power tubes at all, or are they strictly preamp volume? Is the Main 1 knob the means of adjusting power tube output? Are the power tubes not "maxed out" until both Main 1 and Main 2 are all the way up...
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    Renegade XLR line out

    I've been reading about and "test driving" various amps for a number of months now, and I finally decided on the Renegade. I can't wait to start cranking out some killer tones! I have a question regarding the speaker emulated line-out. Is that signal between the preamp and power amp? If so...
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    Tourmaster 412 cab; new model?

    I called my local GC today to check the availability of a TM412 straight cab. They were out of stock, so I called the next closest GC. The guy told me they had one floor demo going for $480. He said they won't be ordering any more because they are expecting a new model. Can anyone shed any...
  9. Dig

    Renegade w/412 cab

    Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I'm seriously considering buying a Renegade head. Most of the posts I've read from current Renegade owners speak highly of the TM212 cab, which I would agree with based on what I heard playing through one at GC. Does anyone here have any experience...