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  1. stratjacket

    What's the Klon clone to get?

    Actually, I believe I was wrong about the parts not being available. I heard that somewhere, but guess it’s wrong. It appears mostly hype and wanting the original after he stopped making the original in 2000. Nice read here on it...
  2. stratjacket

    What's the Klon clone to get?

    Well I’m not a smart man, but I think it’s because the exact parts are no longer made. But others probably know more than I…
  3. stratjacket

    This was pretty cool - Sotto doing Yngwie (again)

    Do you have any DAW software? If so, import the tunes in and bring them up to 0Db or as loud as you want.
  4. stratjacket

    What's the Klon clone to get?

    I fell in love with the Mythos Mjolnir pushing my Marshall JVM and JCM800. It adds an awesome depth and almost 3D feel. Haven’t tried others because this one sounded amazing and I was satisfied.
  5. stratjacket

    This was pretty cool - Sotto doing Yngwie (again)

    That was really cool, his voice just matches that so well.
  6. stratjacket

    ENGL Ironball Special Edition

    Thanks for the write up, good info. The online reviews were pretty good as well. Seems like they hit the mark on this one.
  7. stratjacket

    NGD LTD Eclipse Custom NT 87

    That Eclipse is sweet, I always love that color combo, such a classy look
  8. stratjacket

    Options / methods for volume boost only ?

    I think any number of clean boost pedals would work, just place it in the effects loop of your amp so it boosts what’s there and doesn’t pound the preamp harder.
  9. stratjacket

    Tony Macalpine - Equilibrium is devastating

    Wow, I can’t believe I missed this, thank you for posting!! I loved his Death Of Roses album a few years ago, I was on that kick for a while. Will definitely be checking this out.
  10. stratjacket

    Ronnie James Dio book

    Getting some deep thoughts from Jack Handey here :cool:
  11. stratjacket

    Neck pup for Dinarzio Super3

    I’ve used the Super3 in bridge with a Super 2 in the neck in a PRS CE24. As a matter of luck, I used that combo in this review. Fast forward to about 55 secs into the video:
  12. stratjacket

    good Dimarzio dealer in US??

    Agree on that, good customized colors, etc…I’ve probably purchased 10 pickups from him.
  13. stratjacket

    Neck pup for Dinarzio Super3

    Humbucker From Hell is one of my all time favorite neck pickups, works great. The Super 2 is a great neck pickup too. Deactivator Neck is good as well, but I’d really recommend to try the Humbucker From Hell.
  14. stratjacket

    Tungsol EL34B and 12ax7s.. any experience?

    All kinds, 6 amps, so there were several brands.
  15. stratjacket

    Tungsol EL34B and 12ax7s.. any experience?

    For what it’s worth, I put Tungsol Pre and Power tubes in all my amps a little over a year ago. I really like them. It wasn’t scientific or anything, I just tried a set, thought they sounded good so said done, and did the rest of my amps.
  16. stratjacket

    Charvel Score

    That is an amazing score for $300, congratulations
  17. stratjacket

    Fantastic Sykes Rig Talk video w/ Bob Rock’s contibution to WS ‘87 + more.

    Cool story. Those albums were electric and alive.
  18. stratjacket

    OPINION: VSTs Sound Like Absolute Dog Shit

    I assume you’re playing through studio monitors, what monitors are you using and what interface or how are they connected to your computer?
  19. stratjacket

    Disco Songs That Rock

    I’ve always thought Tragedy by The Bee Gees was pretty cool and could easily convert to a rock/metal anthem.
  20. stratjacket

    Schecter Nick Johnston? Charvel DK 2PT?

    The Pro-Mod Dk24 hsh and DK22 sss I owned were MIM, it also says it on the headstock under the Charvel logo. Maybe there are some models made in Korea, I’m not sure.