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  1. LiquidSky

    MOD 50 channel switching dead - schematic, anyone?

    Maybe someone can help me with this: I played my MOD50 combo last week and after changing modules, the channel switching quit working. Neither with the channel button on the front nor with the footswitch or MIDI, anything happens. It also does no self-check after powering the amp, when it is...
  2. LiquidSky

    SOLD!! [Europe]: Egnater MOD 50 head EL34 w Jaded Faith mod

    Amp is sold! Hi, I am selling one of my MOD50 amps here. It is in good condition and has the Jaded Faith Foglifter mod done! Selling without modules but I can offer some if interested. Asking 590€ plus shipping. Footswitch, MIDI cable and power cord included. Shipping within the EU is...