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  1. Steinmetzify

    Build me a truck rig!

    Before we get started I know RT is not the place for budget anything, but that’s what I need here. I’m starting a new thing as an OTR truck driver and while I take one of my ESPs, a smaller interface and my laptop with amp sims/Reaper for drums with me, I find myself jonesing for some in the...
  2. Steinmetzify

    AIC cover Brother Hawk Nutshell

    Really like what they did here. Searched for a thread, found nothing. If this needs to be moved or deleted right on, just wanted to share if people hadn’t seen it. JB’s tone here is just killer to me, really dug this.
  3. Steinmetzify

    Perfect rock tone - BST

    Gat damn, Chris is RIGHT THERE for tones. I love this.
  4. Steinmetzify

    NGD - MJT Telemaster

    So this showed up: Bone nut added: Hipshots cause fuck the Gotohs, they're coming off my Viper next, can't stand those things. I might end up replacing all guitars with these, they're damn solid. It's a weird color, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker....same lighting as the 1st pic...
  5. Steinmetzify

    NAD#3 Armageddon Time

    First things first, THIS is how you pack an amp: Danno told me it took him around 3 1/2 hours to do this, but there's no way it could have gotten hurt. Nice job @Mailman1971 Anyway: Built in Decimator: Switchable from 60/120 watts: Lots of switches to adjust things: These...
  6. Steinmetzify

    NPD - BAT Pharaoh

    So I play some doom/sludge....and the guy that got me into it has been on me for literally years to try this pedal. I finally caved and it showed up today. Into the clean channel of my Herbert, this is DOOM CITY. This thing showed up, I tweaked it for like 2 minutes and found the...
  7. Steinmetzify

    This isn't selling, pls delete

  8. Steinmetzify

    NAD - It's German

    Large box is large This knife seems slightly inadequate for this job Took this pic 20 minutes after starting this job, dude packed for a bomb. I can see it! There we go Fat cat approved #catsonamps 3 loops, MIDI, Tuner out etc I say this in the nicest possible way. THOSE ARE...
  9. Steinmetzify

    WTB - Orange Dual Dark 50

    Had a line on one locally but it sold. If you’ve got one you’re looking to move for a decent price let me know, cash in PP ready to go.
  10. Steinmetzify

    Sell me your ESP Viper!

    Going in a sort of different direction musically due to an injury. Tuning lower, playing slower etc. Specifically looking for SS guitars, no LTDs, no USA or Custom Shop, no need for that. Hit me up if you’re looking to move one. Thanks guys.
  11. Steinmetzify

    Done and found, pls delete

  12. Steinmetzify

    Delete please

    Looking for a buddy that doesn’t forum, if you’ve got one let me know and I’ll put you in touch. References for both me and him in the good references thread. Thanks!
  13. Steinmetzify

    Khemmis...if you like Mastodon, High On Fire etc...

    Listen to this shit. It's just great. Wh9AvjTPOmE This is the opus end to this album... do em in order. Absolution, Hunted, Desolation. You'll be glad you did.
  14. Steinmetzify

    Found, can lock this guys.

    Kemper gone, need a sort of cheap amp that I can record with. Apparently prices for these things are all over the map. You got one of these for a good price you want to move let me know. References in the good deals thread.
  15. Steinmetzify

    What's out there like the Fryette GP/DI?

    Offed the Kemper, and the thought of sticking with plugins is freaking me out...I sold my GP/DI awhile back for a damn good price figuring I'd snag another one later on, and now they're all like $700. :erk: Any type of small tube amp that can do metal into IRs for around $400 or so used?
  16. Steinmetzify

    Charvel Pointy Reissue $1300 shipped

    Charvel Pointy....this is RT, you guys above all other forums know what this is. Black Winter installed, double black JB in the case....trem blocked, bar included. In drop B. Pinking on the upper bout, slight yellow spot where your fingers would rest. Board clean, frets in great shape. Bourns...
  17. Steinmetzify

    NPD - It's Cold and Dark here....

    Black Winter in my Charvel pointy......chucked a Bourns pot in there too, so volume roll-offs are a fuckin love tap Dig a fuckin MEAN growl to it, especially in drop B.....power chords are chunky as fuck, it's tight and holds together down low, cleans up decently and looks cool...
  18. Steinmetzify

    Guitar Chimp on eBay

    Dunno if you guys know who that is...he's sort of famous because if you buy a guitar from him, it's mostly because of the 80 PLUS hi res pics he takes of every guitar he sells, plus he knows his stuff. my boy Moses to get a setup time for the Charvel, he shoots me an address and I...
  19. Steinmetzify


    Chucked up a WTB ad for one of two pickups; was prepared to pay what I thought was fair for a used pickup. Dude hit me up and said he had one I could have, asked him how much and he said nothing. Just gave it up. Wouldn’t let me pay shipping either. Solid guy, we need more like him. Thanks...
  20. Steinmetzify

    NGD Charvel Pointy Reissue 2006

    Wasn't supposed to be here until Friday but hey, USPS killin it. I'll take it. USA Charvel pointy reissue, maybe 2003? We're not sure, I'll do some homework on the serial after it gets here. Thanks to the ibenhad hommie for the deal....he won't see this until later cause he's out of town...