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    FS/FT: 93 Wizard Metal 100w for Cameron, Wizard or Mesa

    First version head box, high gain circuit. In excellent condition. Pics and videos are of the actual amp being sold. $3K after fees. Buyer pays for actual shipping cost. Will consider trades(+ or - cash) for some Cameron modded amps, Wizard MC-2 or a Rev C, D or E Dual Rectifier.
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    WTB: Looking for a Cameron modded Marshall or Wizard MC-2

    Let me k now what do you have. PM me with details of the amp(pics, features, history), location and price. Will consider a Jose, Ocean or Aldrich mod done to a Marshall amp.
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    Hi gain amps get together in Nashville TN

    Me and a friend of mine decided to rent a rehearsal room at the SIR in Nashville, so we can get together with some hi gain amps and have some loud fun. We need people that will bring some hi gain amps so we can hear, play them and share thoughts. The idea is to have a few people, not too many so...
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    Cameron Atomica and Jose mods used in the same song w/ video

    So I've had the honor to record this great punk rock/hardcore band from Jackson, TN, called Batter Hum, here in Nashville, at my studio. We've had so much fun in the studio, and the band was amazingly well prepared for the session, which resulted in not needing to edit or replace any drum parts...
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    Pete Cornish MJM Tim H&K HBE Gary Holt Boss Fortin "UPDATED"

    Still have these for sale. -Pete Cornish Line Driver 3 way splitter. $350 -MJM London Fuzz GE. Mint w/ Velcro. One of the best GE Fuzz Face clones out there. $ 170 -MJM Britbender MK-II two knobs. Mint with Velcro. $160 -Paul C Tim overdrive. Mint in box. $450 -H&K Red Box MK-II and MK-III...
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    Short audio clip of the Larry Dino 962.

    Can’t thank enough yo the great James Lugo for loaning me his great song, ”Around the world” to track this sound file. I've used my Les Paul Gary Rossington with PAF, straight into a Larry Dino 962, channel 3 with internal boost on, into a Marshall 4x12 with reissue greenbacks. SM57 and Royer...
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    NAD... Larry British Purist!

    Received this amp about 10 days ago, and wanted to have some time with it before posting any review. Sorry, no clips or videos, but I’m planning on doing some very soon. The waiting time to get this amp is very long, but boy this thing is worth the wait! The amp is a foot switchable two...
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    Cameron modded Bassman 50 w/ VIDEO

    Mark Cameron modded 70’s Bassman 50 head. Left channel sounds like a mean 50w Marshall plexi, and has gain, treble, mid, bass and master controls, plus a tone bypass switch to increase gain. Clean channel has a bright switch, volume treble and bass control, and it’s a Fender style clean channel...
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    Has anyone been in touch with Larry recently?

    I've been in touch with him within the last 3 years, but recently he has just disappeared. Last I've spoke with him he mentioned my second amp was going to be ready late September, at latest, but I haven't been able to get any reply from him recently.
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    Bogner Uberschall Original Metal

    Amazing and brutal sounding, excellent condition, recently checked out by Bogner, and all original. Cannot get better than this. $2500.00 plus shipping from 37027.