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    I have more pickups than guitars and am looking to clear out some clutter. All prices shipped and PP'd CONUS. If there's no box in the picture, then I don't have it and it's not included. Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega Sold Seymour Duncan JB/59 set Sold Dimarzio Gravity Storm...
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    Pedals - MXR Custom Comp, Boss CE5, Big Muff (Updated)

    All prices PP'd and shipped CONUS. All pedals have no functional issues. MXR Custom Comp In original box. Has some hardened, non-sticky residue on the back from being velcro'd. $50 Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor A few nicks and dings, and missing label on the back. SOLD Boss CE-5...
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    Eminence Texas Heat --SOLD--

    Eminence Texas Heat 12" speaker, 8ohms, 150 Watts. Works perfectly well, never pushed to even a third of its rated wattage. Priced to give a new home, as I have more speakers than cabs. $50 PP'd and shipped CONUS SOLD
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    Great Deal with fatbagg

    Bought a Diezel Herbert from him, gave me an amazing deal and the transaction could not have been smoother. Would highly recommend :thumbsup:
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    Schecter KM6 mkII --SOLD--

    SOLD Schecter KM6 MKII, with the original Duncan Nazgul/Sentient set, not the Fishmans that they come with now. Excellent build quality and beautiful flamed top. Main sign of use is the glossing of the finish under the pickups where the picking hand rests, pictured below, otherwise in...
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    Carvin Bolt+ --SOLD--

    Carvin Bolt+ A very excellent playing and underrated guitar, that's one of the easiest to play out of any guitar I've owned with very low action and smooth fretwork. Also sounds great and has great sustain. Ordered new by me at the end of 2012, and has been played at home, but I haven't had...
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    PRS Dustie Waring CE-24 - Updated Pickups - GONE

    PRS Dustie Waring CE-24 Plays excellent, one of the fastest-playing PRS guitars you will find, with a slightly thinner than usual pattern thin neck. Looks awesome too, my cell phone pics definitely don't do it justice. Trem blocker added, Dunlop straplocks added and included, otherwise all...
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    Ibanez SRT900DX Neck-Thru Bass --SOLD--

    Ibanez SRT900DX neck-thru bass, plays and sounds excellent, only used at home for a little recording project. Includes a thick-padded gig bag. Arched-top, scooped-back ovangkol body 5-piece, neck-thru jatoba/bubinga neck Rosewood fretboard with abalone oval inlays Dual EMG 40DC humbucking...
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    Engl Powerball II - Final Price Drop ---SOLD---

    Includes Z9 footswitch. In used but good condition with no functional issues. Can get more/better pictures soon. The amp sounds great but I'm only in a small apartment and am downsizing. -SOLD-
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    NGD - D'Avanzo Custom

    I received this custom order about a week ago, and, honeymoon period aside, am totally blown away. Aside from being one of the most beautiful guitars I've seen, it plays and sounds outstanding. It probably has the loudest unplugged sound and best sustain of any guitar I've owned. I haven't seen...
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    New Gibson guitars revealed...

    They kinda look like someone tried to draw a PRS with their left hand.
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    got a demo of the new Mesa Tc-50 today

    Mesa Hollywood?
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    Got my Fryette GP/DI - Clip

    I got this today after backing the Kickstarter around 2 years ago, and recorded a short clip really quickly. Not bad for a little 1 watt amp. RS3J34HVhms
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    New Gibson Blackout Explorer!

    The inlays kill it for me, and the price isn't great.
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    barnesjd - Good Transaction

    Just got a Tom Anderson H1 pickup from him, very fast, easy, smooth transaction, would recommend to anyone.
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    peckhart - Mesa Roadster

    I just received this Mesa Roadster head from peckhart. He was very reliable, and all-around great seller. I would recommend dealing with him to anyone. Thanks!