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  1. Shiny_Surface

    Short JJ clip

    Hi guys, Was messing around with the JJ this afternoon and made a quick clip of the Kamikaze in BE mode straight in, please excuse the sloppiness. :) I wasn't sure how the Kamikaze would sound through I was pleasantly surpised. :) ** Made a second attempt ** _XGZfO2jaWw
  2. Shiny_Surface

    Twin Jet clip

    Had to get another Bogner :lol: :LOL: Got (another) Twin Jet this week, made a quick clip of it...this is my second one I had an '09 first gain taper model. :doh: 86iu2c2e23A
  3. Shiny_Surface

    Quick JJ clip(s)

    Hey guys, Picked up a JJ recently, very nice amp imo. :thumbsup: Can definitely hear the BE 100 circuit tweaks compared to my last BE 100. Made some quick clips please forgive the sloppiness over the course of the past few days. :lol: :LOL: ** Added a Drop D clip with Boss EQ :) **...
  4. Shiny_Surface

    BE 100 clip (again)

    Another BE 100 clip, pushed with an EQ. :) Just standard BE mode, and thought I had all the toggles off at first, and then realized I had the Voice switch on. :) skFWVeqLErg
  5. Shiny_Surface

    Triple Rectifier Reborn - Maxon OD-9

    So I've been digging this Maxon OD-9 into the Triple Rec Reborn lately, the boost sounds very organic and explosive through the Reborn. :) Fksi38ymHIg
  6. Shiny_Surface

    boosted BE 100

    Hi guys, So I was experimenting with the BE 100 today in standard BE mode pushed with an EQ pedal. :) With the BE I'm finding I prefer using the EQ as opposed to my overdrive/boosts to push the midrange harder... ybny9nv0Jo4
  7. Shiny_Surface

    BE 100 clip(s)

    **EDIT added second video of just standard the BE mode no switches engaged (guitar and microphone placement did not change)** Hi guys very happy to be into a BE 100 again. :) Tried engaging the sat switch (lower volume) plugged straight in with an SM57 directly into the computer no post...
  8. Shiny_Surface

    2204 straight in

    I boost a lot of amps and am known for it, won't deny that. :lol: :LOL: Had some drinks so this is kind of sloppy, but plugged straight into the 2204 for a brief clip and still enjoy the medium gain bark/crunch that it delivers. :) This wasn't recorded very loud at all, it sounds much...
  9. Shiny_Surface

    Boosted SLO clip

    I was excited to plug in and hear the re-fretted LP Custom but couldn't play at even normal volume today. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to boost the front end of the SLO's lead channel to make up for the less than .5 setting on the master volume. :doh: :lol: :LOL: I used...
  10. Shiny_Surface

    LP re-fret day

    Got my beater LP Custom back today with a jumbo stainless steel re-fret and new bone nut. Plays like glass... :) I say "beater" because the only thing left that is Gibson on this guitar is pretty much the wood and some bits of wire and some of the pots. It's a players guitar through...
  11. Shiny_Surface

    JCM 800 - Accept clip

    Tried an Accept riff through the 800, double boosted of course :) Had a few drinks so it's a little loose, so please forgive that aspect... :lol: :LOL: 0SE7HdpyfZ8
  12. Shiny_Surface

    Diezel VH4 ch4

    So I tried a quick Lynch riff that is traditionally a modded Marshall sound through the VH4's channel 4. The VH4 voicing/response is pretty unique (imo) so I wasn't sure how it would turn out...especially on channel 4. :) mrcFArngtAI
  13. Shiny_Surface

    VH4 channel 2 - SLO crunch

    Both amps recorded through the same mic/speaker/cab/computer setup. Pardon the playing though, little sloppy on the SLO one. :) So I've had the VH4 for a bit now and still impressed with the 2nd channel (especially at volume when I had an opportunity to play it up loud in a mix). :)...
  14. Shiny_Surface

    ESP Kamikaze I tone sample

    Hi guys, So I've been spending some time with this Kamikaze I and really enjoying it. :) The Screamin Demon messes with my head, I don't mind it in this guitar but haven't had too much luck otherwise. The lowish PAF output level really transfers the tone of the guitar through, for better or...
  15. Shiny_Surface

    Koko boosted Triple Rec - sample

    Hi guys :) Was playing my Charvel through the Triple Rectifier today and have been boosting it with the Koko Boost Reloaded lately. Tried a quick recording of "When Heaven Comes Down" although the gear doesn't match the time period. Of course it's not exact just an approximation... :lol...
  16. Shiny_Surface

    Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded --> Triple Rectifier Reborn test

    So on a whim tonight decided to try the Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded in front of the Triple Rectifier Reborn on modern red. I'm usually partial to my staple Boss SD-1 for Recto boosting, but this Koko seemed to add an interesting mid boost. :) Ggly-IF7mhg
  17. Shiny_Surface

    VH4 at volume

    Being mostly a basement dweller I relished the opportunity today to open up the VH4 at volume with a drummer friend with some interesting findings. My drummer was really impressed with channel 2, and so did I with the gain up around 3:00. It really comes alive cracked open a bit. The clean...
  18. Shiny_Surface

    Seller antics in classifieds

    Slow day at work...and tongue in cheek not meant to offend anyone. :thumbsup: Being that the classifieds are a mere fraction of the pre-2008 heyday, I've been seeing more of the following: - Sellers complaining/whining in their bumps why no one is buying the item. - Cheerleading bumps...
  19. Shiny_Surface

    Finally into a BE 100

    Great amp, I played Se7en's 2012 BE and loved it. Finally got around to it after some Merry-go-rounding. :) I prefer the BE channel straight up, or boosted rather than the HBE and/or additional switches personally. I do like the voice switch...I had it engaged in the clip below...
  20. Shiny_Surface

    Back to 4 preamp tubes in BE-100?

    Hi guys, I noticed on Dave's website the BE-100 had 5 preamp tubes, the current ones are 4 again? I'm just curious it that's related to the effects loop or not, did the BE-100's have 5 preamp tubes at one point for the effects loop while Dave was updating the loop or something like that, I...