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  1. D-Rock

    NAD - Revolution is my Name!

    Man, I've wanted one of these since I was in my 20s during the early 2000s metalcore scene. Up here in Canuckland, you don't see many of them around and they were sparse during their heyday. I remember in my early twenties I played a yellow tolex Revolution 212 combo at a local store who was...
  2. D-Rock

    5150 III 50 watt blue Channel boosted.

    I just recorded a quick one off clip to show the differences between two boosts I'm currently using. 9P5PZFGvJj0
  3. D-Rock

    Tool - Stinkfist [clone cover]

  4. D-Rock

    Devin Townsend Quarantine Benefit Concert

  5. D-Rock

    Jake E Lee talks Bark at the Moon

    Dude's awesome. Politely schools everyone on how to actually play the song. 2akLS8kmRjU
  6. D-Rock

    Les Paul Buckethead vs Les Paul Standard

  7. D-Rock

    Classic guitar ads from the 80s

    :thumbsup: ... s-and-more
  8. D-Rock

    Holy sh¡+ this guy's a monster lol!

  9. D-Rock

    Hevy Devy - EMGtv

    :rock: NdNT_o5gXBI nubJjB95VdY
  10. D-Rock

    Is the Het Set really an improved 81/60 ????

    I've heard all sorts of words describing the EMG JH set, but are they all beneficial or needed improvements over the original 81/60 that Hetfield used for so many years?
  11. D-Rock

    UPDATE 57/66 Thicker sounding active bridge

    Is there an active pickup that's similar to the 81 but more meaty? I tried the 85 but didn't like the softer attack/response or the shift in the mids.
  12. D-Rock

    Soulfly tonight

    Going to see Soulfly tonight as NAILBOMB performing POINT BLANK in its entirety! I got this album in the mid 90s and always loved it. Never thought I'd ever hear any of the songs live. Gonna get filthy tonight!
  13. D-Rock

    ID a Recto for me please

    Two channel Dual Rectifier with chrome "pointer" dials and black master volume dial. Desirable version?
  14. D-Rock

    One watt wonder

    This just shipped for me. I was wanting a small high gain amp for those late nights when I don't want to fire up the 100 watter. I'm not looking for a grail tone or expecting super warm, brown, complicated gain structure. Just a noisemaker. From what I've heard it should suffice. I've been...
  15. D-Rock

    Marshall DSL15H

    Can anyone give me any first hand experience with this head? I would be looking at getting mild brown tones, but mostly boosting the gain channel for hair/thrash/death metal tones. Ideally, just wanting something to turn on instead of my 100w JVM late at night, and something smaller to haul...
  16. D-Rock

    Van Halen's iconic Frankenstrat stolen

    Ok guys, fess up! ... an-antonio
  17. D-Rock

    New Black Dahlia Murder

    Bought this CD last week. Another KILLER effort by these guys. VEhjvaFVrak
  18. D-Rock

    VOX MV50 - 1lb 50w "Nutube" head

    irATlrKEPAY "Designed with an emphasis on analog, VOX's MV50 combines classic amplifier design with new and innovative production techniques to produce a miniature amplifier with truly monstrous sound. Boasting an incredible 50 watts of power, this one-pound package serves up serious guitar...
  19. D-Rock

    Mastodon is overated

  20. D-Rock

    Awaiting word from retailer on this axe. Thoughts?

    ML CHICAGO FLAME - TRANS BRAZILIA Top - Flame Maple Body- Mahogany Neck- Mahogany Scale Length - 24 3/4" Neck Type- Set Neck Neck Profile- V Fingerboard- Ebony Inlays - Abalone Dot # of Frets - 22 Knobs - Gold Speed Hardware Color - Chrome w/Brass V Plate BridgeTune-O-Matic Pickup (Neck) -...