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  1. Martymig

    Question about Buffer pedals (before or after pedals)?

    I'm just wondering about these. Using pedals is something I never used to do. I always went with the least amount of effects. I just used a wah wah and that was it. Lately though, after picking my guitar back up again in 10 years. I stopped playing for a long time after playing dedicatedly for...
  2. Martymig

    General question about Warmoth

    I've ordered a custom neck from these guys back in late June. They said 4 months and it's approaching in about 6 weeks. How good are these guys ? I've heard good stuff about them. In case your wondering what I'm doing is replacing the neck on my Hendrix Tribute Strat. It's Mexican made, which in...
  3. Martymig

    Marshall DSL40 combo keeps cutting off

    I bought a used Marshall DSL40 and after a few days of use it starts cutting off. I still here the amp humming but the guitar just cuts off. What's could be causing this ?
  4. Martymig

    Which Roger Mayer Octavia is the best sounding one?

    I have a few different Octavias. I'm using the MXR version right now but I'm looking I to Roger Mayers versions. Which one is THE one ?
  5. Martymig

    Whats up with all the different Fuzz Faces ?

    I posted in another sub forum here but I'm asking here also. I bought just about every Fuzz Face version there is until I found one that sounds good. It's the Band of Gypsys version. I have the mini pedal but there's a normal size version of what I have but it's $600.00......! Why is it so much...
  6. Martymig

    Fuzz Face plethora

    I've purchased just about every Fuzz Face imaginable to finally find one that doesn't ruin the tone of my guitar or has way too much fuzz drooling from it. I've settled with the BOG mini version and the big blue silicon BC 108 Jimi Hendrix signature version. These 2 sound the best out of all the...
  7. Martymig

    UPS dropped my new Marshall head

    I'm worried something might go bad on it down the road. It's working great right now but it's brand new except where UPS dropped it and dented the back grill that covers the tube. It's mostly for ventilation but it's damaged now and it's brand new. What should I do ? Like I said, it seems to be...