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    Three job offers so far. This is off the market.
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    Two CL80s, 16 ohm, $180 shipped

    I have two CL80's that I pulled from an Avatar 4x12. They are each 16 ohms. They are in great condition. They're broken in, but never abused. $180 shipped in the US. I would consider trading them for a pair of decent humbuckers or maybe a pedal or two. Try me.
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    It's in really good shape with just one chip in the finish, and it's on the back. I tried to capture it in a pic. The previous owner mostly had this for a backup, so it has sat around a lot. It could use a setup, but plays well and sounds like it should. It comes with a padded Fender gig...
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    Peavey Ultra 120 question...

    I picked up a Peavey Ultra 120 for a good price a little while back. It sounds really good, especially for the price. The only real issue that I have with it is that the amp takes a split second to switch channels. Is this something that can be fixed?
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    Interesting amp issue..

    Okay, I bought a Roccaforte Jenelle a couple of weeks ago. Some things went screwy for a little bit and I didn't get to try it at rehearsal until this Wednesday. So, I get to rehearsal, throw it on my cab and get ready to rock. Half way through the first song, I notice that the amp is...
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    Ecstasy footswitch issue...

    Anyone have an issue with the footswitch on their ecstasy not switching channels? I have been having trouble getting channel three to engage every time. I was wondering if it might just be dirty contacts or a bad switch.
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    Bogner 4x12 question...

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a thread that directly addresses it. What does the batting inside a Bogner 4x12 do?
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    Roccaforte Custom 80

    Features: After years of searching and buying multi-channel amp after multi-channel amp, I arrived somewhere that I wasn't sure that I would dig until I really gave it a shot. The Roccaforte Custom 80 is a single channel amp. It runs 4 EL34's and 3 12ax7's. It has a solid state rectifier...
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    Excellent transaction w/ bartmcartman

    Super fast shipping and no issues. Awesome! Thanks!
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    NAD! VHT content...

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    FS: VHT CL-100 Pittbull... $1000 shipped!!!!!!

    VHT CL-100 Pittbull This is an older VHT CL-100. It was bought in October of 1997 and has been used but never abused. It was recently retubed with Ruby EL34's. I can send you links to music that was recorded with this amp if you would like. Feel free to ask any questions. $1000 shipped...
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    Reverend guitars?

    Anybody here into Reverend guitars? I've seen them around the net and such, but I haven't seen one in person. I'm kinda digging the new Warhawk and I wonder what people think about their guitars in general.