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    UAD Apollo interface: Headphone impedance/SPL?

    Anyone using a Universal Audio Apollo interface with high impedance headphones? Just ordered an X4 and gave my old Focusrite Scalett and my studio headphones to my son. Wondering if the Apollo has enough power to run a 300 ohm set of studio headphones from the headphone jack? Anybody running a...
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    Diezel FS7HE (Herbert / D-Moll) Footswitch $200

    Have a like new, bought this summer Diezel FS7HE foot switch for the Herbert and D-moll. Includes box and Diezel sticker, just like if you bought it new retail. No scratches, dings or dents. I received it new and tested it and then put it away. Uses a standard 1/4”guitar cable and does not...
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    Thoughts on VH4 w Mesa Recto cab?

    Anybody have any thoughts/experience with running a VH4 through a Recto cab? Seems like what I read is a mixed bag, some love, some hate. I’ve got a 2019 VH4, and a Herbert MK3 and have 2 Diezel FL 412 cabs, one K100, the other cab V30. looking for a deeper more growly sound to layer with the...
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    Gibson Historic pickup rings, am i the only one that hates them?

    Bought a LOVELY R0 from 2006. It’s gorgeous and the best playing and sounding Les Paul I’ve ever laid hands on. HOWEVER, the height on the pickup rings on the Historics (I’ve never owned one before this) is problematic for me. The action is so low that the strings like to chirp out on the back...
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    Have one Celestion Alnico Ruby and one Alnico Cream. Both are 16 ohm, in perfect condition in retail box. $200 shipped and I’ll cover Paypal fees. *SOLD*
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    Sold. Thanks all!
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    WTB: Lace “Brent Hinds Hammerclaw” smoked chrome

    Like the title says, looking for a Hammerclaw bridge in smoked chrome. (Have a neck already, but will buy complete set if I have to).
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    THESE ARE SOLD, THANKS! Orange footswitches These are factory original for channel switching/reverb/etc. They use a standard guitar cable to connect to the amp, cables are not included with switches. Paypal preferred, I’ll cover the fees. Prices are shipped CONUS Single button is used, slight...
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    Bored, clearing out space. Paypal preferred, I’ll eat the fees. Price includes shipping within USA. Trades? I dunno, maybe pedals or some other interesting pickup? Would love to try a Dimarzio Fortitude bridge or 36th Anniversary PAF, also interested in Anderson H2/H2+/H3. Try me, worst I’ll say...
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    *SOLD* 2019 Diezel Hagen $2550 shipped

    Diezel Hagen in like new condition (purchased brand new a month ago), no dents, scratches or dings. Comes with factory box and power cord just like a new one. Not really in need of trades, too many amps and cabs around here, but you just never know so offers welcome. SOLD! $2550 shipped USA...
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    BE-100 Deluxe Plexi channel vs Smallbox ??

    In all the talk about the BE-100 Deluxe, I haven’t found anyone who talked about a comparison between it’s Plexi channel (lifted from the Smallbox 50) and the actual Smallbox 50’s Plexi channel. Does the BE-100 channel 1 feel and sound as raw and organic as the Smallbox clean channel? Meaning...
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    Pariah pickups? Non-EVH themed models

    Anybody here tried Pariah’s pickups? Seem like a cool company and I know their Pasadena sets are highly regarded among the EVH crowd but I’m wondering about their other offerings. Considering either a PAF ‘60 set or maybe a Celebration Day set for a Flying V, and also a Maynard or Distortia for...
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    Supro Black Magick Reverb: Good?

    Looking for an amp for bluesier and vintage type tones, my amps are all high gain heads. The Black Magick Reverb seems to fit the bill, thinking about the head version, newer with the master volume and built in spring reverb tank. Anybody here have one? Main concerns are build quality and how...
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    TRADED, plz delete thread
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    Duncan Custom Shop Distortion, anybody ever? Little help?

    For high powered metal pickups I looooove the Duncan Distortion. I’m looking for something with that same screaming tonality and EQ with maybe a little less compression, more harmonics, a little more clarity, slightly less hot (not alot), and maybe just a touch brighter (it will have a cover...
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    Your favorite “cheap” gear score.

    We love boutique handbuilt amps and other pricey gear around here, but what about things you bought because they were so cheap you really didn’t have anything to lose? Or gear you bought for practice and lugging around that you found out it was great on its own merit? Mine is a $400 half stack...
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    Anyone feel something new coming from Orange?

    Feel like there’s gotta be a new flagship coming from them. Just my perception but it seems they’ve added several options for lower wattage and digital players with the Pedal Baby and OMEC, and now there’s the Tremlord for clean players meanwhile the Dual Dark has disappeared along with the Jim...
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    Upgraded my 412/15 cab today.

    I’ve had the 412/15 cab for a while and liked it as-is except that fat girl needs casters. Bad. The G12H30 Anniversary has never been my thing, but it sounds good mixed with the 15” Fullback once you beat them a bit. Still, I love to tinker and tweak. So a couple months ago I ordered some...
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    So here’s a weird VH4 problem, anyone had this happen?solved

    Brand new out of the box VH4. Literally picked it up from the retailer, unsealed the box and plugged it in. Plug in guitar, no effects anywhere and.... barely any sound coming from the amp, even with master and channel volumes all the way up. Scratch head, check tubes fault lights, fuses, cable...
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