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    [/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=] Up for sale is my Chubtone San Dimas #142. Guitar a mint like new. 7.8 lbs. German Flyod Rose. Brass block. Duncan 59 Hybrid in Bridge...comes...
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top 2021

    [/[url=][/[url=][/[url=] Up for sale is my 2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top. Guitar is excellent shape as I only had it a few months. It has a Gibson Slash Custom Burst Bucker in the bridge and the stock Burst Bucker in...
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    [/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=] Up for sale is my like new Friedman Cali. Bought brand new 6 weeks ago. Played only...
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    Marshall 1960B Cab

    [/[url=][/[url=] Up for sale is a few Marshall 1960B cabs. These cabs are basically like new with the exception of the one pictured has a crack in the plastic side handle. Came that way in shipping. This one is loaded with 2 creambacks on top and 2...
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    [/[url=][/[url=] Up for sale is my JCM800....longest amp I ever kept in my stable. Killer sounding head here. Circuit is bone stock with the exception of a Metro zero loss effects loop added. This is a 1982 which is a great year for these. Just put a...
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    [/[url=] Up for sale is my brand new Katana MK-2 newest version. Amp is a week old. Very impressive head. I’m just not into going into computer to program and tweak. Can dial in any tones you want. These are 350.00 new grab it for 260.00 shipped. Original box and manual.
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    Brand new. Bought today and was not for me. 120.00 shipped
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    [/[url=][/[url=][/[url=] up for sale is a few pickups. Black Seymour Duncan is a Duncan Distortion in 50mm. The zebra Seymour Duncan is a Duncan Custom in 53mm. The all black is a Suhr Aldrich in 50mm. All in like new shape with...
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    Single coil pickup question

    I just bought a Eric Johnson fender Strat and want to change out the bridge pickup to a hotter one. I have no ideal what’s good in single coils. Can anyone recommend a really good hot bridge pup. Thanks
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    Bias problem

    I have a modded Marshall style amp. I’m having a problem with the bias. 50 watt. The one tube is biasing much hotter than the other. I’ve tried with multiple sets of power tubes that are matched. The one is biased at 40mm and the other only goes to 24mm...any ideal what can fix this problem?
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    [/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=] Selling my 1979 Gibson LP Custom. Guitar is very clean for 41 years old. Has Wolftone Marshall head in bridge and DR Vintage in neck...I replaced...
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    Here is a basically brand new Boss delay pedal. Only used once. Not a mark on it. 75.00 shipped.
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    [/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=][/[url=] Up for sale is a Holy Diver Bare Knuckle pup in 53mm spacing. Has 2 very fine scratches as you can see in pic. Only used for a few weeks in...
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    New Charvel Day

    [/[url=] I don’t usually post up new guitars I get but this one I picked up was awesome in every way. I have had many Charvels from Custom shops to USA ones and this one is my favorite of any. Everything from playability to fret work, feel and sound this thing nails it. The...
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    Brand new. Never played. 75.00 shipped
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    [/[url=] here is a Seymour Duncan Custom in great shape. 45.00 shipped
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    [/[url=] here is a Seymour Duncan distortion isn’t great shape. 45.00 shipped
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    [/[url=] Here is a set of Gibson pickups. 498t and 496r. A great set together. Great condition. 90.00 shipped
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    Pickups for sale

    Up for sale are 4 pickups. From top to bottom is a Gibson 498t a Seymour Duncan Custom a Seymour Duncan distortion and a Dimarzio Super Distortion from the 80’s. All pups are regular spaced. The 498t is 70.00 shipped the Custom is 55.00 shipped the Distortion is 55.00 shipped and the Super...