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  1. MrDowntown


    Love the book. Read it several times…always do this time of year. (If I’m being honest…I listen to dramatic readings on audiobooks. Lol) Anyway. What’s the best, as far you’re concerned, Dracula movie?
  2. MrDowntown

    NAD: first Mesa!

    Never owned…hell not even played Mesa before. Picked up a Mini Rec on a trade This evening. Only had a a few minutes with it, but man I like the voicing on it. And what thick toned little bugger…. :rock:
  3. MrDowntown

    Soldano Atomic 16

    How rare are these things:
  4. MrDowntown

    Reactive loads, IR

    Anyone still using these?…suhr rl/Ir, captorX, etc… they seem like yesterday’s news….but appear to be holding their street value. the digital stuff has become so good especially for night time/silent recording, at home type stuff… just curious
  5. MrDowntown

    The Small combo search...

    im on the "small amp" kick again...faggin' GAS man... anyway...some parameters. - Thinking combo (not a deal breaker/maker) - on board "verb would be good to have - good/decent clean, better crunch/breakup (think classic rock/blues, less high-gain) - dual channel - budget in the less than 800$...
  6. MrDowntown

    Most coveted small Mesa

    What is it…in your opinion? And does the head or combo make a difference. And go… lol
  7. MrDowntown


    EBMM Cutlass. The F&F on this thing is just remarkable.
  8. MrDowntown

    Orange AD30HTC

    Yes or no?
  9. MrDowntown

    HeadRush Gig Board

    if you followed closely last week, you'll remember i bought a (new to me) Strat off a buddy. B/C he "needed" the cash, i bought his guitfiddle and his headrush as a "package" deal. anyone have any history with these things? this thing has no all... i'm just turning it on and...
  10. MrDowntown

    Stratocaster Pro II **Price Check**

    Got a bud that bought a brand new USA Professional II couple months ago. He just called me and wants to let it me..(need another guitar like a damn hole in my head). It’s a mystic surf green with maple neck/board...if that matters. it’s practically a brand new guitar...he don't really...
  11. MrDowntown

    String Swing freebie

    Long shot maybe I’ve got 5 individual string swing wall to good home. 😝 if anyone wants them let me know.
  12. MrDowntown

    NGD err...Friday

    Im’a bitch for vintage white.
  13. MrDowntown

    Bad Monkey

    Troubleshooting: Bad Monkey pedal allows clean amp/guitar to pass through it. once i hit the pedal, the red light comes on but kills the guitar/amp tone... completely silent. I've tried it with the adapter and a fresh 9v battery...same results with both. the pedal used to work...hadn't...
  14. MrDowntown

    Kramer Tee

    So Monday night I get a notification from UPS that "my package has been shipped, and will arrive Tuesday"...from Gibson guitars of all places. ok, cool... crazy part is, i didn't order anything... from Gibson or anyone else. imagine my excitement, right Yesterday afternoon, UPS leaves a small...
  15. MrDowntown

    On With The Show; The Crue. A historical perspective

    On with the Show Track 10 from Too Fast For Love record; Oct 1981. This record is so raw. At times, out of tune/pitch and time. but damn what a cool song (and album). I was 10 when it came out btw...probably didn't hear it til about '83 or so. Anyway... Who can help put some historical...
  16. MrDowntown

    Mesa MarkIIB Coliseum

    I may be mistaken, but I thought I heard/read on hear while back someone wanting one. There’s a guy on a local FB gear group that has one; 1981 not sure if he has it listed anywhere for sale other than this group; and he’s actually Looking for and older LP trade. if anyone’s interested
  17. MrDowntown

    This is NUTS...

    New woodrow pro-mod unleashed.
  18. MrDowntown

    Plush. Female rock group

    You guys seen /heard anything from them? I’ve seen the singer covering stuff on the FB. Covering Steelheart...takes serious pipes.
  19. MrDowntown

    EVH and Fender amps

    Eds known/was known for his marshalls and later the EVH lines. But, I've seen lots of photos of him plugged in to Fender stuff. So what's the story, if anyone knows. I've read in the very early years he cut his teeth on old Bassman. I've read that the original Marshall circuits Fender circuits...
  20. MrDowntown

    Chubtone axe on FB

    Who’s is this? Didn’t I see someone on here post about this recently? Damn beast of an axE!