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  1. tfridgen

    ongoing another horrible exchange with fatbagg

    To be fair, VanMalmsteen = fatbagg is not proven at this time. We will find out though.
  2. tfridgen

    ongoing another horrible exchange with fatbagg

    Van has been defending fatbagg since the very beginning, seems to know him extremely well for a guy who has just bought an amp from him.
  3. tfridgen

    We Posted a Music Video You Can't Share!

    Love it!!! Very creative, was waiting for the heavies but they never came and surprisingly enough, I enjoyed it just the same!!! Great job!
  4. tfridgen

    Mesa Mark IIC++ 'Hetfield Mod'

    Ya, he's got it up for 6500 bucks, hard pass. Thanks for the help guys!
  5. tfridgen

    Mesa Mark IIC++ 'Hetfield Mod'

    Seller in Canada is selling a short head simulclass w GEQ as a 'Hetfield mod' which he says Mike B. substitutes the 100 transformer with one from a Mark IV. Anyone hear of this or have any info?
  6. tfridgen

    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    I banned the email that your account was changed to; . Maybe you could all send him a farewell note :)
  7. tfridgen

    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    Would probably be a good time for everyone to update their passwords to be honest. I've put the incident out to Nero so that he's aware, he can access more shit than I can.
  8. tfridgen

    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    Probably wouldn't hurt. I changed it back and reset the password so hopefully he can access his account. Unless his gmail account was compromised as well....
  9. tfridgen

    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    I checked and the email and password was changed a few days ago. Guessing some one got his info and then tried to pull a scam.
  10. tfridgen

    Freedom of Speech

    Nigel has deleted them. Either he's been given mod rights or has deleted threads that he has started himself.
  11. tfridgen

    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    K guys, I've temporarily banned the account. Can some one pm me to verify maddnotez email address so I can investigate?
  12. tfridgen

    CNutz' Underboob Thread Deleted. WTF?

    Ya, wasn't me either. Fuckin bullshit if you ask me...
  13. tfridgen

    even modded marshalls by cameron are in ccv price range now!

    I dunno, I've had tonnes of amps and alot of the premier names roll through here. So far the Rivera m100 I'm 200 dollars(that's 5 USD) in to has put every god damn one of them to shame for quality of tone AND fell from both the clean and the gain side.
  14. tfridgen

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    No problem, this is gold! I won't delete anything unless it's been reported multiple times and even then, it's gotta be pretty bad :)
  15. tfridgen

    Horrible Exchange with Fatbagg

    I'm sorry he got deleted, I'm not sure who did that. I wasn't banning him so that at least you could have an avenue here to pursue your refund. You should doxx him here so no one gets fucked again.
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    My apologies if the 'you're fucked' sounded like specifically you are fucked lol. Ottawa valley colloquialism intended to mean 'people are fucked in the head if...'.
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    No one ever reported threats, and you're fucked if you think I'm going to read all these threads so that we can have better moderation. People were only reporting their feelings hurt when others were calling them names, and to that note, I couldn't care less and will ignore. Read that again...
  19. tfridgen

    No More Politics.

    I do gotta say, the people who would complain to us are the very ones that were doing the posting, and it's like 1000 to 0 on the number of complaints from one side vs the other. You can figure out who the people complaining were, it won't surprise you.