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    I bought this about 5 months ago from Sweetwater I ended up moving, put it in a box, I never did by anacoustic guitar so here's a chance for you to save $70 get a brand new one sealed in the package unopened. Message me with your number I will send you pictures of the box. $180 shipped.
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    Price check Titan rack head

    I'm just curious on this I don't know anything about them. Are they any good what kind of price range would something like this be? Thank you for any info.
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    Sounds legit to me, what a deal

    Great job on selling it too, lots of info
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    Sold pending payment

    I've been back-and-forth on keeping this or selling it or selling it but I am going to go ahead and let it go. Phenomenal cabinet, I've owned the regular Bogner cubes this cab sounds a lot better then the regular cube, maybe because it's oversized. It's only 2 plus months old not a mark on it...
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    The Keeley I bought 3 months ago new along with the power supply. Fantastic delays and reverbs you can use them together or alone. It has never been stepped on perfect condition brand new. I will sell it shipped USPS for $155 the MXR analog chorus $65 shipped or $190 for both. The Keeley is 199...
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    Boss Katana MK-II vs Artist

    I have a Bogner 3534 and matching cabinet now but looking to scale back as I'm moving next month and I just won't need that power and and volume. I'd like to free up a little cash also. I've read quite a bit about both and watched quite a few videos but just curious is the artist that much...
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    NGD!!!! Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass HSS!!!!

    It's been a long time since I've posted a new guitar day just got this yesterday been playing the hell out of it. I was looking a strat sounding guitar in the neck and middle pick ups and a humbucker that can scream! I could I could not be happier with this guitar, it's been a long time since...
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    Looking for a simple recording device for guitar

    I had a Boss BR 600 years ago used it quite a bit haven't done anything since (10-12years+) I just play guitar at home I am not a musician by any means. I'm looking for something that is simple but yet sounds decent at a good price. Around $300 or so, If I need to spend a little more I will...
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    Really!! These things cannot be worth this much or am I wrong?
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    Anyone play or have an Ibanez Premium RG6PKAG Natural Flat

    I'm really interested in this guitar anybody have one or played 1 I'm looking to get a new guitar with a Floyd HSS pickups. Kinda looks like poor man's Reb Beach. I'd love to get a Suhr but they are just a little more than I want to spend. Any input or open to other ideas would be great. If you...
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    Bought it new it was delivered last Friday I'm going to have to eat shipping cost to return it so if you want to save some money on shipping and taxes here you go. I'm just not a Hi Tech person. I have the box, manual, receipt, and 2 15' cables to hook up the monitors. $975 I am willing to...
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    This pedal is brand new I have not taken it out of the Box. I ran a thread here and other places on the best delay reverb pedals I could get. This one received more votes than any others. On the demos it sounds pretty incredible $275 shipped save $75 get a brand new pedal!
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    Italian made EL 34. Very clean build quality. Incredible amp it is in mint condition it was bought in the middle of last year I have the factory box, manual, footswitch, cable, & cord I'm pretty much thinning out everything to move so this one's going also. Check out the videos online and the...
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    I bought this set up at the beginning of March the foot pedal and expression pedal have not been used, it sounds incredible I am moving and going to just stick with a small amp and 1-12 cabinet. I have all the factory boxes and packaging and receipts. It has barely been used Not a mark on...
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    Charvel Warren DeMartini w/FU brass L block EVH D-Tuna

    No marks scratches anything guitar is in great condition, perfectly quartersawn neck actually has nice flame on it. I live in Astoria Oregon I would love to do somewhat of a local deal. Shipping rates have become ridiculous. I will ship and split shipping fees, I will double box. It has the...
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    Delay and reverb pedal all-in-one?

    Opinions. I'm looking for a good pedal that has quality delays and reverbs. Not breaking the bank is a plus but I'll take your opinion on anything. Thanks