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    ESP GT 600 Glenn Tipton

    ESP Glenn Tipton GT 600 ESP hard case. EX $999 shipped/paypal
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    Charvel Tuners

    Seen this asked but couldn't find a definitive answer. Have a Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas MIM strat want to change tuners from black to chrome. They have the 2 hole guide pins. Any drop in replacements?
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    FS/FT. Marshall SV20 Plexi Head

    Marshall SV20 Mint shape factory packaging 1K
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    Caparison Horus M3 MF

    Caparison Horus M3 MF 2019 Trans black 2K Mint Condition Case/Certificate Caparison
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    Pedal Repairs

    Any recommendations on where to send pedals to get repaired. Maxon OD 9 and a Marshall Govnur.
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    Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Strat

    2020 Fender Yngwie Malmsteen strat Like new $1450 Trade possible LP SG V
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    Dimarzio Paul Gilbert Injector set. $150
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    Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 1x12

    Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 1x12 combo New power tubes, footswitch and cover Trying to keep it local NY Tristate area $1500 Guitar trades work can add $$ gear to make a deal or Marshall SV20, PT20
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    Friedman Golden Pearl $100 shipped/paypal Trade 8 ohm 65m Creamback, Lynchback, EVH, Mesa V30
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    Marshall JVM 210C

    Local sale NY Tri State area Marshall JVM 210 Combo $999
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    Marshall Vintage Modern 2466

    Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 100 watts KT 66 In excellent shape $700 shipped/paypal
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    Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Upgraded Grover Locking tuners No play wear $1600
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    Voodoo Labs PP2+

    Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II Plus $115 Extra cables included Volatage Doubler / Amp Doubler and Splitters George L Connectors available also right and straight $3 each
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    Bogner Wessex MXR Smart Gate

    Looking for Telecaster Pickups 2 sets- Neck Humbucker/ Bridge Neck/Bridge Bogner Wessex w/box $160 MXR Smart Gate $ 70
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    EVH 5153 LBX $425 shipped/paypal Great shape picked up AX8 for home jamming.
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    TC Electronic Vicous Vibe

    TC Viscous Vibe $80 sold MXR Smart Gate $75 Bogner Wessex $150 George L Straight angle plugs 12 for $45 shipped Trade Misssion Expression pedal