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  1. Norton666

    WTB: White Les Paul Custom

    Whatcha got?
  2. Norton666

    WTB: Looking for a Ceriatone Chupa

    Whatcha got?
  3. Norton666

    Positive Grid Spark - Has anyone actually received one ?

    I’m curious about this little guy. Mainly for jamming along with backing tracks. What’s the consensus? Has anyone actually received one?
  4. Norton666

    WTB / WTTF : Gibson SG

    I’m looking to add another SG to the stable. I’m only interested in Standards. No Specials , Faded etc. Whatcha got?
  5. Norton666

    WTB: EHX 44 Magnum

    Anyone have one of these lying around?
  6. Norton666

    WTB: Les Paul Custom and ES-335

    FOUND! Please delete
  7. Norton666

    What are y’all using for digital distribution of your music?

    My old bands content contract has expired with our previous label , so they pulled all of our tunes off of iTunes , Spotify etc. I now own all of the rights and I just want to get it back up there. I’m not worried about making money off of it , I just want to make the songs available. What do...
  8. Norton666

    Best guitar shops in Vegas

    I have to go to Vegas next month for work , and I am looking for advice on the best guitar shops . I’ve been to Vegas many times , but it was always on tour and I never really had any time to actually explore. Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. Norton666

    LAG HYVIBE acoustic guitars. Anyone try them yet?

    Just curious. Seems like a very cool design and they have me intrigued
  10. Norton666

    Gibson Music City Jr. B Bender

    I have been on the hunt for one of these for YEARS. Does anyone have any experience with them? If not , can you recommend a guitar with a factory bender? Cheers!
  11. Norton666

    WTB /WTTF: Kemper Remote

  12. Norton666

    Snobby vintage shops

    Yesterday, I was in a city , in which I’ve not been since my touring days. As anyone who has spent significant time in “touring game” , you can attest to the fact we’ve all been to a shitload of cities , but we rarely have time to ACTUALLY see the city. Well yesterday, I had a whole day to kill...
  13. Norton666

    Am I the only person who REALLY likes the JVM??

    I have a pile of amps and a Kemper , but every time I plug into my JVM , I think to myself “ Why don’t I play this amp more!?”. I absolutely love the emulated balanced out on it as well. Am I alone here !?
  14. Norton666

    WTB: Gibson ES-335

    Let me know if you have one available. Thanks!
  15. Norton666

    WTB: Kemper Remote

    Let me know if you have a Kemper Remote for sale / trade. Thanks!
  16. Norton666


    Not selling
  17. Norton666

    Recommend me an acoustic pickup

    I am looking to add electronics to my old Guild. I want it to be permanent install , and as unnoticeable as possible. The guitar was my old mans , and it means the world to me , so I want to make sure that I don't butcher the guitar with the install. Cheers!
  18. Norton666

    WTB : Kemper Remote

    Let me know if you are selling. Only interested in the remote
  19. Norton666

    Best way to post pics now ?

    I have always used Photobucket , but I notice that is no longer supported. What is the preferred method now ? Cheers!
  20. Norton666

    In Flames - Bjorn - Custom Marshall info ???

    I heard about these amps a couple of years ago , but I didn't realize that anything materialized. I am not a huge In Flames fan , but his live tone has blown me away every time I've seen them. I have always been curious about his rig. Anyone know anything about these amps...