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    New fedex policy same fedex bullsh*t

    Just to let you guys know as I just got back from FedEx. Any package valued OVER $500 there now going to open your package and check the item inside. Yeah,I sold an amp and had it bubble wrapped and double boxed and they opened it. Then got pissy with me because I asked to watch them...
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    Wtb wizard mcii

    Looking for a wizard mcii 25-50-100 it doesn’t matter. Thanks
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    FSFT Kemper powered rack and set up

    Kemper powered rack Kemper foot switch and cable Power conditioner with lights Two rack space drawer to hold foot switch and cables. All in a Gator 6 space rack! The kemper doesn’t have a scratch on it The floor switch is dusty but not big scratches The drawer has a bent corner please see...
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    FSFT Marshall 1959hw sold

    2015 Marshall 1959 hardwired Looks brand new. I bought this head amd sent to voodoo but it sat There for 2 1/2 years so I asked for it back and Here it is. Untouched,and like new condition. I don’t have a use for a 100watt amp without a master volume! Cash is king Trade wise,hit me up...
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    Price check on a prs

    Anyone know the model number and maybe a asking price for this prs custom 22?
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    fs evh 5150iiis el34 100w head

    Sold make me a reasonable offer plus shipping
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    fs tc electronics nova system

    Sold up reverb's azz make me a offer plus shipping
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    fs fractal audio fx8 mkii

    Sold f*ck reverb! make me an offer plus shipping
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    Fs wgs et65’s 16ohm x4

    Warehouse guitar speakers Et65’s 16ohm Pulled from a working cabinet. $75 each shipped with PayPal friends and family
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    Anyone have a mesa boogie midi matrix?

    I have one on the way and know it’ll work great with my dual rectifier but wanting to know how it works with other amps. I’d like to see if it’ll work with my Evh 5153 100watt since you can program it for momentary or latching.
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    Wtb Mesa 4x12 oversized in ohio

    Looking for a Mesa boogie oversized cabinet in Ohio. I’d prefer a older straight/slant but would consider any Mesa 4x12 recto cabinet. Thanks
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    Wtb Mesa boogie dual rectifier

    Any dual rectifiers out there? Please send pics and price if you have one. Might be interested in a oversized cab if your in the mid Ohio area also.
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    Wttf kemper powered rack

    Like to trade for a kemper power rack. Maybe a head. Hit me up if you got one.
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    WTB. IBZUSAF2 pickup

    Ibanez f2 bridge pickup. pm me if you have one sitting around.
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    Wtb Wolfgang

    Prefer a peavey would consider a Evh/fender. arch top,Floyd I realize prices have went up but I’m not looking to spend 5k on one please
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    Peavey Wolfgang copies

    Wasn’t there a guy on here selling custom Wolfgang stuff to peavey specs? I’m in the market for a new project!
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    fs pickups

    all pickups work 100% suhr aldrich bridge zebra 50mm $90 suhr aldrich bridge black 50mm $90 s.d. super v lynch black(i have the chrome cover ill ship also) 50mm-next to the box $140 s.d. jb trembucker new never installed black 53mm $50 s.d. jb trembucker black 53mm (middle of pic)...
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    Fs/Ft scumback m75 65w 16ohm x4 ... ation=true $350 pp friends and family and I’ll cover shipping in the lower 48 I will consider trades for other speakers and pedals
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    Wtb charvel super stock sc1 and charvel Henrik Danhage

    Asking here before I turn to the alternative gear sales places.
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    fs marshall 2203x MONOMYTH mod GONE!!!

    2008 marshall 2203x reissue with stock fx loop. tolex has a few scraps on the bottom. this amp had a hbe mod before i sent it to Shea,so there is a hole in the chassis where a tube was.. Shea did a one off circuit to this amp. from the emails i have from Shea, it has characteristics of the...