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  1. xpoopx

    Looking for Mako Mak4

    I know it's a long shot (no harm in trying though) but i'm looking for a Mako Mak4 with the footswitch. (y)(y)(y)(y)
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    got it
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    FS: Caparison Brocken

    Selling my like new Caparison Brocken. Plays and feels great. Comes with the hardcase and will be sent in original box. Ships from Portland, OR $2200 shipped/paypal'd Would be interested in Suhr Modern (No floyds. No maple fretboards) Jackson USA guitars (Warriors or RR or King V preferred)...
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  5. xpoopx

    FS: KSR Orthos

  6. xpoopx

    WTB: Bodenhamer Bloody Murder Half Rack

    Looking for one of these bad boys. Let me know if you have or see one for sale
  7. xpoopx

    For Trade: iPhone 7 & LG V30

    *Mods* if you feel this post doesn't belong, please let me know and I will delete it. I have two phones (both for T-Mobile) that I would like to use towards a trade for more gear. Values are: iPhone 7 128g with Apple extended battery case: $400 (used but in great condition with no issues)...
  8. xpoopx

    Modding a Bogner 101s. Worth it?

    i just acquired one of these and I think it's a pre 2004. I am debating having the red channel modded to post 2004 or the cameron mod. Anyone have any experience? Reasons not to do it? Thanks
  9. xpoopx

    Tremol-No or Brass Block

    Hey dudes, I have a Wild Card 5 on the way and I want to prevent the Floyd from going back and also give me the ability to do a drop tuning on the fly. The two options I see are the Tremol-No and a Big Brass Block. Any recommendations on which would be best? Also, I see three different sizes...
  10. xpoopx

    vintage modern mods

    My other guitar player has a vintage modern and i would love to make it sound better. Anyone have plans or schematics they can send me to improve the tone and put it into high gain territory?
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    I know that I may catch flack for this but here goes nothing. ordered a Bloody Murder Pedal from him back in Aug/Sept. I have not heard a peep from him since December. No status update. No message telling me to go to hell. I have attempted to contact him via email, message boards, myspace and...