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  1. drewiv


    I'm trading it in Saturday against another guitar. Last call. Complete specs can be found on Mayones website. [screenshot included] This is a 2014 model. Highlights include: Mahogany Back, natural eye poplar top. Five ply neck (Wenge/Bubinga). Ebony fingerboard. Pickups on this guitar are...
  2. drewiv

    NGD: Ted Stevenson

    Sorry for being absent for so long. Took the family to Disney for Spring Break and other family issues. Anyway, just got this today. Totally gorgeous and haven't played it (plugged in) yet. Cooking dinner and the kid has a softball game, 40 games scheduled from now to mid-June. No idea when I'm...
  3. drewiv


    Met up in person and everything could not have gone more smoothly. I arrived 15 minutes early, he was there waiting. Cash in hand. Perfect exchange. :rock:
  4. drewiv

    Sully '71 Trella

    I haven’t purchased any gear in quite some time; trying to be responsible to the family. I really wanted a Sully Raven, but when the Grover Jackson collaboration came about I wanted a piece of that. I’ve been looking at the ’71 Trellas hitting the stores over the last couple months and, while...
  5. drewiv

    Warmoth Tele Paul build

    I was sifting through my endless supply of crap and found I had pretty much everything I needed to build a guitar, with the exception of a neck, body, neckplate and screws. Instead of trying to sell all of it, I decided to build a guitar. Here's the parts. I had to change the Humbucker cover...
  6. drewiv

    Luxxtone Choppa J [No. 129]

    I've had this for a while now, but figured it should be in the Luxxtone section here. I've wanted an offset guitar w/ P90s for some time now and had been waiting for Luxxtone to finalize the Choppa J. I ordered in the prototype stages at the end of 2014 and I was told it would be a while until...
  7. drewiv

    Tone Monster

    Awesome transaction. I paid and he shipped within a few hours. Item as described, great guy to deal with. :thumbsup:
  8. drewiv

    NGD: PWE (Ted Stevenson)

    I got a new guitar too during the move. Another PWE (Ted Stevenson, newly branded) that is very cool; slightly redesigned headstock. This will be brought out with the JF Jet City tomorrow.
  9. drewiv

    NAD: Jaded Faith Jet City

    The long awaited Jaded Faith Jet City. Sadly, I did not get a chance to play it last night. I haven't been on the forum(s) much at all since April/May (renovating/moving) and I’m still in the midst of unpacking, but this will get played Saturday when I plan on setting up the Man Cave/Gear...
  10. drewiv

    Inca Roads -- Sweet Deal

    Responded to his WTB thread and we worked out a quick deal. I shipped to him [unpaid] based on forum recognition and, of course, he paid up when his funds were available as promised. No worries here, stand up dude -- does what he says and says what he does. Nothing but good things here...
  11. drewiv

    Duded Up my Les Paul 60's Tribute Gold Top

    I was looking at Customs, R0s, Sig Models and Custom Shops. Just happened upon a 60's Tribute Gold Top and wasn't too impressed with the looks, but figured I'd try it out for the price. It feels awesome in my hands (the neck is perfect), you can't pass on guitars that feel this good. Regardless...
  12. drewiv

    Chicago Amp Building Type Dudes

    Bruce Egnater is thinking about taking his Amp Building Class on the road. I built one in November of 2012, but I'd love to build another. This is a great chance to meet Bruce and build your own PTP Hot Rod Marshall-esque amp. Let Bruce know you're interested and make the Chicago road tour...
  13. drewiv

    OGD: PWE content

    OLD GUITAR DAY. Not so old, but I've had it for about six months and didn't properly premiere it. This is up there with my custom Luxxtones, Suhrs and Tom Andersons. Anyone that overlooks Ted's work is missing something, he is a hidden gem - truly. One piece Pau Ferro neck (thin custom profile)...
  14. drewiv

    Henning Cherry Bomb - quick review

    Cherry Bomb arrived yesterday! I took a half day to make sure I didn't miss delivery. I was home from work @ 1:30 and setup some rigs; patiently awaiting the new arrival. I popped my head upstairs out the front window every 10 minutes or so, making sure I didn't get that dreaded, phantom...
  15. drewiv

    Luxxtone No 47

    All I can say is - BRAVO. If you have never played a Luxxtone or never had a guitar set up by Jerry, you are missing out. This really might be the best guitar yet, honeymoon period pending. :D In all seriousness, Jerry is the best luthier I have ever had set up a guitar. This is my fourth...
  16. drewiv

    Junkyard love

    I brought it up in ibenhad's thread and didn't want to sidetrack it. Who loves Junkyard? To me they are the pinicle of dirty Texas blues metal. I can listen to them for days on end and never get tired. Anyone? Just me? Hollywood, Blooze, and the "parody" 80's metal ballads. Love them!
  17. drewiv

    New Guitar Build (Joe Morris Art)

    I've had an aftermarket JEM body & neck around for a while and decided to get them painted up. I'm lucky enough to know, and live close to, Joe Morris who does some art for Luxxtone (he did my $2 Bill). I'm going to strip out the Cosmo hardware from a RG770 reissue. I'm still not sure what...
  18. drewiv

    drewiv's good deals list

    Taking the list out of my sig; posting here for future reference. If I missed you, let me know. Good deals with: laneychris, Seano Monkey Fist, steve39stripes, Captain_howdy, Mattfig, gbsmusic, roodyrocker, racerevlon, ibenhad, zakkfaerum, steve_k, Braciola, marl3y, briango2000, King Guitar...
  19. drewiv

    NGD: Suhr Modern Frost Drip

    Just got this yesterday and I love it! After getting the Neon Drip I fell in love and wanted another. I also wanted a Frost finish, but couldn't decide on Black Ice, Blue Chill, Lime Freeze or Lemon Freeze. So, I figured why not mix them up. :D I took a lot of specs from the Limited run...
  20. drewiv

    NGD: JEM, ET Guitars, Joe Morris, Jerry Bizon NEW PICS

    This guitar build involved a few people. First, thanks to bhuard75 (Bobby) for selling me the ET Guitars custom JEM body (Korina) & neck (maple/Bubinga/maple - Madagascar ebony board). Thanks to Joe Morris for his incredible art on the guitar. I can't believe what he came up with from my near...