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  1. hammered

    RATT live, 1984

    This is how I remember it also . Some may goof on the band and era now but at the time it was a blast.
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    Random Michael Schenker Album .....

    Michael made up those names as a joke . He plays bass and drums on the album but apparently it’s a drum machine
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    VH Eyes of the night

    Bottoms Up is La Grange for the most part
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    RATT live, 1984

    Love Ratt on record but they were very hit and miss all the times I saw them live. Saw them open for Sabbath in early 84 just before the release of Out Of The Cellar and you can imagine how they went over in front of a Sabbath crowd. They were much better when I saw them headline later in the...
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    VH Fools 1980 video

    I always look for an excuse to show off this ticket stub
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    Disco Songs That Rock

  7. hammered

    I Don't Know WTF She Is Saying and Don't Care!

    Mute this video and play Van Halen`s Little Dreamer right from the beginning. Trust me on this one ;)
  8. hammered

    Randy Rhoads Post-Crash Comments

    Yeah but I believe that was good few years after the crash . I’m pretty sure they reconciled years ago before he passed away and even wrote it into an episode of that Osbournes show
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    A HUGE band you saw before they broke?

    Mötley Crüe in ‘82 Queensryche in ‘85 Metallica in ‘85 GnR in ‘87
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    Marshall SC20 is killer -Video!

    Sounded like the OP said he was using a DS-1
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    Just had a revelation - TC Electronic Spark

    Interesting that you didn't notice much on the blue channel . Where did you have the 3 position toggle set on the Spark ? I used one years ago usually in the Mid mode with my Splawn and the Spark worked as it should . I used a a little bit of gain pedal though , not at 0
  14. hammered

    Jake E. Lee Live at Donnington ‘84

    Killer sound quality bootleg from Tokyo 1984 Don Airey had to deal with a death in the family so no keyboards . Jake plays the Mr Crowley intro on guitar
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    Lost EVH guitar found.

    The unfinished guitar with the yellow arrow pointing at it which is the same guitar laying on the floor in the photo shoot with Ed became what was known as the Rude guitar in ‘81 . Ed repainted it in ‘82 and it was then known as the Rasta guitar . Ed talked in GP 1980 that the body was a bit...
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    Thinking of getting a Ritchie Kotzen Telecaster. Thoughts?

    I played one unplugged years ago at GC and loved the feel of it . I had heard the neck was pretty chunky and it was but It really didn't take much to get used to . The forearm and tummy contours are a big plus . I'm not sure if the signature model has a Dimarzio Chopper or Tone Zone T in the...
  17. hammered

    Fave players - fave tones - fave amps

    All great stuff in there . Schenker is on my Mount Rushmore of players and the tones Warren and Robbin got on Invasion are stellar. I definitely could’ve added more than 5 to my list
  18. hammered

    Fave players - fave tones - fave amps

    Gary Moore-Corridors Of Power Gary Moore-Victims Of The Future Ed Van Halen-VH l Ed Van Halen-VH ll Rudolf Schenker & Matthias Jabs-Blackout I’m not sure what amps Gary was using but I’ll assume Marshall’s . Ed was using his Marshall of course. I think Rudy and Matthias were using 50 watt...