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  1. 311splawndude

    A year ago today....

    We lost a legend. R.I.P. Edward Van Halen. We miss you. Well, most of us do anyway. Safe to say a lot of us are here directly or indirectly because of him. A pic from last year-
  2. 311splawndude

    Looks like our OT section went to shit again....let me know when it is fixed

    :dunno: Frickin Alts. You are not a man if you hide all the time.
  3. 311splawndude

    Thanks to Monkey Man for cleaning up our OT

    Seriously. Thanks man! :yes: I know I have given you a little trouble over all of it but it is a huge improvement. You have put a ton of time and work into it. More than I ever could have. We went from a place that hardly no one ever went to, to a complete wild wild west free for all...
  4. 311splawndude

    You Need 50 Posts to PM / Buy / Sell / Trade Here

    FYI- New Members, please read the Rules. We have had a fair number of people lately complaining that they can't Reply or PM to Classified listings and I thought this would help bring attention to the fact that You Need 50 Posts to PM / Buy / Sell Trade Here. Here are the Rules...
  5. 311splawndude

    Aren't all the sub forums in this OT section Hobbies?

    :lol: Or is this for all other hobbies :D Is 'General' now the new OT random section?
  6. 311splawndude

    Dat Amsterdam Riff! ..................... new/Ed/vid/studio/ish

    Edit: Ooops. Sorry. Didn't see that this had already been posted. I know there is a lot of new cool stuff out there about Edward so if you are not into it or don't care for the riff or the Hagar era you can feel free to ignore :D New to me - I've never seen it. I really like this one...
  7. 311splawndude

    What kind of rock is going through your Splawn?

    Metalcore mostly and some doom here :yes:
  8. 311splawndude

    Got a Glock

    NGD :yes: Finally Have wanted one for a long time Glock 48 9mm Single stack 10+1 CC permit next Similar to Glock 19 for you Glock guys but thinner, smoother, more concealable. Had to be something my wife was comfortable holding and she liked this one the best. (returning the Magloader as it...
  9. 311splawndude

    Let's throw a little mojo toward Jason Becker can we?

    As you may know he had been hospitalized for shortness of breath and such. His mom posted recently that he was doing better. Now I'm reading he has a bacterial infection. If anyone knows more please speak up. Mojo sent Mr. Jason Becker :cheers...
  10. 311splawndude

    Any Badlanders in the wild?

    Funny. I was thinking about this a few weeks ago. Have any of you seen any Pro's or Bands you like rocking the Mesa Badlander? Then, I was watching a prepaid stream of one of my favorite bands, 311, and I see Tim Mahony playing one. They were doing their 'Blue' album on live stream song for...
  11. 311splawndude

    I must be getting older 'cause...

    This past Wednesday marked the 43rd anniversary of this: And this is now 9 years old: These shows are starting to feel like a long time ago: (not my pic but I was at these reunion gigs - but that it was cool that Scott Splawn posted his concert pic) And I don't know how old this...
  12. 311splawndude

    Guy makes guitar out of his uncle's dead bones

    This is pretty creepy so I'm not going to attempt to post a picture. It's like a skeleton guitar. The jokes in the comments at the end are the best though...
  13. 311splawndude

    Super Bowl Gear?

    Joan Jett and Pink Friedman content. Joan Jett was a guest with that band that played earlier. Didn't catch the band name. I noticed: A Marshall head right stage with the logo blacked out/taped over. Weird. Joan Jett's center stage rig was a Vox combo and a Fender or Rivera head...
  14. 311splawndude


    I definitely don't want to be the guy to post clips first :LOL: Lets get some stuff loaded up in here though OK? Bad.Seed? Fusionbear? Who wants to kick us off?
  15. 311splawndude

    The models

    I made this for someone else to help simplify the menu a bit so I'll just paste it here. I'm not a dealer and have no affiliation with Splawn so I'm not trying to sell you anything FYI. Nitro - 100w (KT88s) - 2 channel - kind of its own thing. Can also be ordered with EL34s Nitro SS - 50w...
  16. 311splawndude

    How to read your Serial Number

    I typed this up a long time ago - I hope it is still accurate with today's models: First and second digits are the model. 3rd is the wattage. 4th and 5th digits are the year made and the remaining are the number of amps produced at that time. For instance if your serial number is QR109996...
  17. 311splawndude

    My Biasing Tutorial

    I made this a long time ago. Back at a time when I knew very little about amplifiers and certainly nothing about biasing. I researched stuff online and forumite PMs. Found lots of great into. Unfortunately, nothing I found was all inclusive like I wanted. So I created this tutorial for others...
  18. 311splawndude

    If your amp was a car....what would it be?

    Thought this would be fun. Watching Smokey and the Bandit for the 1,300th time on TNT and I started thinking. Splawn Quick Rod = '69 Chevy Camaro Z28 small block promod style with boosts Mesa Rectoverb = '65 Corvette big block convertible all original with L78 and catalytic converter removed...
  19. 311splawndude

    Random Metallica/Megadeth news

    Was catching up on some rock news and ran into the following articles I thought you guys might enjoy. As you may know, the new book "Rust In Peace" is out. I need to get this but here is some teaser stuff if you will. Some really interesting points of view here from Dave Ellefson on...
  20. 311splawndude

    New Christmas Sh!t Day . . . (pic heavy feel free to put yours here too)

    (pic heavy warning) Whatcha Get for Christmas? Feel free to post your stuff here :cheers: Here is some stuff I got. No big amps or guitars as I'm kind of set there for the moment. Some of this is actually carry over as I had about $500 in Guitar Center Gift Cards from last year. Couldn't...