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    I can't add pics, so here is a link to reverb for $1750. Can knock some $ off if done through rig-talk. Specs: Strathead that Lee can no longer make Alder body w/flame maple top Unreal birdseye maple neck & fretboard w/glossy satin finish 1 11/16" nut Non logo'd Duncan Custom in bridge/Duncan...
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    Dead sounding strat - thinking of a Perpetual Burn or AT-1

    I have a single hum superstrat with an older JB in it - it's kind of "muffled" sounding for lack of a better term. I'm looking to liven it up & improve the sound a bit. Doesn't really cut, but not woofy or anything... just sounds like there is a blanket over the speakers compared to other...
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    Henning Cherry Bomb & Bottle rocket

    How much overlap is there in these 2 heads? I know the BR was based on the "Rod" channel of the Cherry Bomb... how "redundant" would it be to have both of these amps... are they too similar to have one of each? Also - with a (recently acquired) Kemper... would it be even MORE redundant since...
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    Kemper info needed

    I got a Kemper in trade over the holiday (been curious about them, have loved the clips I hear, and I got a great deal in trade for a piece of gear I no longer wanted). It functions well, but seems to only have a few aftermarket profiles, and it hardly resembles a factory loaded Kemper (going...
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    Downsizing.. help a GAS addict prioritize.

    Us GAS heads - we just acquire way too much crap. I recently sold my condo I was in for 15 yrs, and you don't realize how much crap you accumulate. I went from playing out regularly in 2-3 bands, to.. nada. I'm now a home hobbyist at best (though I am participating in a 20yr reunion one-off...
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    Problem with a 5153 50 watt

    Looking for some help... Red channel - amazing. Full, thick, gainy - EQ's work.... fluid feel, full sound. Shared EQ green/blue.... am radio. Literally sounds like an am radio. Loss of balls, thin... Gain seems to work (clean to crunch). But Only the high tone control seems to work... bass...
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    Any Steavens owners out there?

    Pleasantly surprised after finally getting to spend some time with a Poundcake 25th. :yes: This is a super versatile head. Great cleans, and can dial in a nice gritty blues tone, AC-DC crunch, all the way up to 80's hard rock territory without a boost. I don't hear much about them.. just...
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    Thickening up tone on a superstrat

    Hi Guys.. I'm down to very few guitars, but have a huge tonal difference with one compared to 3 other superstrats and an LP. I'd like to get it at least close in sound (less cutting, more beef). I have 2 maple topped guitars - one is flamed maple over a 3 piece alder body, the other is a quilt...
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    EVH 100 - Sound issue - maybe tube?

    I got one of these in trade, and though I love the amount of sustain without fizz, it just isn't quite my sound or feel. It sounds clear and articulate, but if I bump it up to past about 1/3 power (this f**ker is LOUD), I get weird modulation on the notes (like the mids are fighting with the...
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    Home Recording setup help

    Hi all - my MAC G5 (old tower, Quad core) may have given up the ghost. I may try to put some $$ into it to get it back up and running.. :doh: :gethim: :thumbsdown: :confused: Depending on cost, I may just give in and get a new setup (the new stuff is faster, etc) I was running Cubase SX3 at...
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    What Ohm value is a CAA 2x12 with Eminence Gov's?

    Title says it all... just wondering what those cabs are rated at? Thanks
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    Low wattage amp options

    Hey all - considering an amp purchase in the spring and wanted some opinions from the ears here. I no longer play out, am mostly jam at home and would like the option to record. I live in a condo, but can play at a reasonable volume. I currently have a little Vypyr (just cuz it's fun and gets...
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    Evans pickups?

    Hey all - going through my parts bin, I can across a Hot lead eliminator 2 evans HB, and a hot Rhythm single coil that I forgot I had. Anyone have experience with these? Debating on swapping them into one of my guitars...
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    Billy White Gear?

    I have read that on Don Dokkens "Up from the Ashes" there were some Jose heads on tour (and possibly in the studio), as well as Marshalls with Guv'nor pedals and possibly some rocktron/ADA stuff. Anyone know what the reverse strathead "marble finish" or the red 2HB strat were? Both featured in...