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    So did an alligator eat this guy and shit him out? :unsure: Cause now way does a body decompose to bones in 30 days, Also why the coverage on this, incidents like this happen every week and national news doesnt bother. Local news yeah but not like they carried on about this.
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    California is Fucked

    And to think I was going to move there once. Best thing I never did.
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    Randall RG Classic

    Anybody know anything about these, when they made etc. Sounds ok for ss never had anything like this ever. Yard sale $55 :yes:
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    This Newsome fucker signs a bill to outlaw all off road small GAS engine sources. This includes lawnmowers weed eaters blowers pressure washers etc. This bunch is bad as jOe and hO :uzi:
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    Fort Hood

    This place is wacky evidently, now there is another soilder/ female missing. What is up with that place?
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    Veggies in a Pill

    This has got to be one of most insane trends Ive ever seen. My wife checked on one of them, it was 65-70 dollars a month. Just go buy some vegetables cause theirs no way that shit is legit. Im sure there are believers. :unsure:
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    PCR Tests

    They have found in the province of Wuhan in late 2019 PCR purchases shot through the roof. Nice, they will not call these bastards out cause the other bastards in the WH are in on it. Some people need to charged with murder.
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    This bitch is a bigger waste of oxygen than biden. Unbelievable fuckn idiot. They both need to be flushed down the toilet.
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    Go Alabama

    Alabama is going use federal Covid -19 funds to build three new prisons. A big fuck you to joe :p
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    Is Jen Psaki ?

    Chuckie`s bride :unsure: :hys:
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    Thats the number of stupid fuckers that still believe biden is competent. :poop: :m9: Oh and the dirt has finally come out on Hunter, they wont do anything about it.
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    They cant even find this Laundrie 23 year old idiot. Walmarts were set on fire in Mobile Biloxi Gulfport all in days apart, said FBI got involved after the 4th one. That has just disappeared, nothing nada since June. This organization needs to be investigated. But by who? The current admin LOL...
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    John Durham

    He will commit :eek: suicide by christmas.
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    Sept 18th

    Watch em infiltrate to make the conservative party look bad again, just like they did on Jan. 6th. Holding those people in jail with no bond is chinese tatics. They let murderers out in NY and other places :loco: on their own recognizance these days.
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    Ok Donnie This should make you jump for joy

    In California they are going to return all beach front property to the original owners which they claim were BLACK :loco: :hys:
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    Sensitivity Training

    Now they dont want you to refer 9/11 attackers as terrorist? You fuckn libs should be shot ,every god damn one of ya.
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    Thought about selling

    All my marshall collection before it is too late. As in nobody wants this shit anymore. Which i didnt think I would see the day but its coming. What yall think?
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    Boarded UP

    Lets Rock and Roll Ida
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    Facebook Jail

    These fucks give me 3 days in fb jail for calling somebody a tard. Id like get in zuckerbergs face, Id make that bitch cry like a little girl.
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